2005-July-18: Chairmens Meeting Minutes  

The Mt. Adams Lax Club chairmen met for the first time in five years! A clear indication that the club is starting to get more organized! The meeting included the chairs of:

Attendance: Tom McDonald
Recruiting: Sean Murphy
Finance: Kevin Laska
Scheduling & Refs: Ellerbrock

Missing, but not forgotten chairmen were.

Entertainment: Dude and Andy Hayes
Attendance: Gregg Eifert

Many items were discussed and resolved, but the most important was the election of our new President! But first, our current President, Bill Mathis, was voted President Emeritus for Life. The team hadn't had a election in five years and since Bill has moved into semi-retirement Chairman McDonald nominated Sean Murphy for the spot and he was unanimously voted our new President. Congratulation El Guapo Muph!

The other items covered at the meeting were:
--Team Clubhouse & Charity
--Team Uniforms & Promotions
--Team Insurance & Finances
--Team Practices & Scheduling & Fall L'Ville Tourney (Oct. 15 & 16)


In order to encourage team get togethers the chairmen resolved to find a team clubhouse! Many ideas were discussed including getting sponsored by the Cincinnati Men's Club, but the most promising option was suggested by Murph regarding a clubhouse near Colerain that he might be able to get for the team. The clubhouse is being sought by another Irish club that Murph is familiar with and he thinks we may be able to share the clubhouse in return for our team members helping with upkeep. The building has a bar and a large party room and would be close to our new turf field in Colerain. Murph said he would follow-up.

Relatedly, the chairmen decided that we need a new chair to take care of community outreach issues, like taking care of municipal properties that we use for clubhouses, as well as charities that our players could help. Gregg Eifert was nominated and elected (in absentia) for the new chair. Congrats to Gregg (assuming he wants it)!


Chairmen Dude has completed the uniform deal with our new sponsor Budweiser. The new uniforms are will be screened with our logo shortly. The chairmen felt this will be a great recruiting tool in that we can give uniforms to our players and not have to take them back after every game.

The Chairmen felt a Mt. Adams bumper stickers would be another good recruiting item. Entertainment co-Chairman Andy Hayes was appointed to design the bumper sticker (in absentia).


Finance Chairman Laska reported that the team is in good financial shape. He is looking into setting the team up with insurance through US Lacrosse. Additionally, he is setting up a Paypal account to so our members can more easily pay their dues.


Scheduling Chairman Ellerbrock got us into the Fall L'Ville Tourney (Oct. 15 & 16)

The two day tourney will have 2 divisions of 4 teams, each team will play the other teams in their division and the best 2 win/loss teams from each division make playoffs on Sunday.

St. Louis
North Side - Chicago
Windy City - Chicago
Mt. Adams - Cincinnati

Chairman Ellerbrock also plans to set up our first official team practice in about five years. He plans to leave a few weekends open before our season commences next season so that we can practice as a team.

Mike was also going to talk to Chairman Dude to see if we could set up an old-timers game/practice/awards party in mid-September before the L'ville Tourney. The party afterward would be at our new post-game party sponsor (I've forgotten the name of the bar, but the Dude set this sponsorship for us. Thanks again Dude, you're on a roll!).

That's all for now, and if you can help out please let one of the Chairmen know!

2005-June-14: Rouse, Chavez and Kroger Enter Hall, The Beechuks are Fan(s) of the Year!  
Congratulations to our newest Hall members. There was a close battle for the last spot, but Kroger edged out Mully. Mully will get another shot next year.

In his second year Jeremy didn't make the cut, unfortunately, so unless he is renominated this will be his last year on the ballot.

Congratulations to the Beechuks who beat out Mr. Murphy for Fan of the Year! Thanks for coming to our games and thanks all who voted!

Mt. Adams Hall of Fame
Who do you think should enter the Mt. Adam's Hall of Fame? (names followed by year of nomination). Please select as many as you see fit (top 3 vote getters get in):
Rusty Rouse (05) (12)32%
Russ Chavez (05) (8)22%
Keith Kroger (04) (8)22%
Chris Mulligan (05) (6)16%
Jeremy Reid (04) (2)5%
Other (1)3%
Total Votes: 37

Fan of the Year
Who was the Mt. Adams "Fan of the Year"?
The Beechuks (10)45%
Mr. Murphy (6)27%
Eyvette Hayes (3)14%
'Andy' (Kevin's girlfriend) (2)9%
Other (1)5%
Total Votes: 22

2005-June-14: Mens Summer League Lacrosse Starting This Wednesday   Summer League for will be on Wednesday nights at Summit Country Day on the turf starting this Wed June 15th. Games will be from 7-9.

There is no fee.

League is for High School, College and Club/Post College players.

Tell anyone who might be interested. Thanks!

2005-June-06: Cincinnati Mens Thumps Mt. Adams in Cross-Town Shootout   In lieu of my usual post game wrap-up here is the first Mt. Adams Newsletter!

--Hall Of Fame
--Old-Timers Game
--Cross Town Shootout
--Clubhouse Search

HALL OF FAME: At the bar after the game we had Hall of Fame nominations: Chavez, Mulligan and Rouse are this years nominees. Reid and Kroger carried over from last year. Please go to the site and vote! www.cincinnatilax.com. This year we added a FAN OF THE YEAR vote!

OLD TIMERS GAME! We're planning on having an old-timers game the second weekend in July. For the game we've got the keys to our new turf field at Colerain HS!

We'll also be having induction ceremonies and awards for the Hall of Famers. Please save that weekend (July 9 or 10th)! The Dude will be bringing his film crew and Budweiser will be sponsoring our post game party and ceremonies. We plan on inviting up L'ville for the event. Stay tuned for details.

CROSS-TOWN SHOOTOUT: Cinci 12, Mt. Adams 3. Go to www.cincinnatilax.com for game breakdown. BTW, if you scored (goals or assists) in the game then let Tom know.

CLUBHOUSE SEARCH! Yes, we're looking for a clubhouse! If your community has an old, unkempt mansion let Tom know. It is common for communities to turn these old mansions over to sports clubs who take care of maintenance. For example, Tom's old club in Connecticut used to take care of the Barnum mansion (of Barnum and Baily). Also, wealthy athletic clubs might also provide a clubhouse. Please let Tom know if you can help.

MISC: Someone left a Moeller bag, sandals and lax stick at the field. Tom has them.

2005-June-05: Cincinnati Mens Thumps Mt. Adams in Cross-Town Shootout  

Cincinnati Mens continued their dominance over Mt. Adams with a 12-3 victory over Mt. Adams. This was Cincinnati's third straight Cross-Town Shootout victory.

Mt. Adams had an excellent turnout, perhaps too good: There were 3 midfield lines, 3 defensive lines and 2 attack lines! In addition to the quantity there were many quality players and many new faces. If the Rams can keep this group together they might return to the salad days of 2000-2001.

Despite the new additions, Mt. Adams was up against the reigning MCLC league champion. Cincinnati has no weakness, except maybe their goalie Mark Lang (who can be hot or cold) and their faceoff specialist (or lack thereof).

The game was scoreless for the first five minutes with both teams getting possession and good scoring opportunities. Cincinnati broke the scoreless tie and then added 3 more quick goals for a 4-0 first quarter lead.

Cincinnati continued their scoring pace in the second by adding 4 more goals. Mt. Adams had many good scoring opportunities, but couldn't find the net until 1 minute to go in the second.

The Summit Country field was excellent, but the heat oppressive. Some estimated the temperature of the turf at 150 degrees. The humidity was near 100 percent and many fans had to leave at the half or risk heat stroke.

The third and fourth quarters were much like the first half as Cincinnati continued their dominance.

Cincinnati's resurgence has been amazing. Their team has virtually no players from the 2001 squad that lost to Mt. Adams 16-8 in the Cross-Town Shootout.

Cincinnati will go on to the MCLC league tournament to defend their title. Mt. Adams will stay home for the third year in a row.

2005-May-15: Cincinnati Mens Lacrosse Bests Mt. Adams in Scrimmage  
Cincinnati Mens Lacrosse Club beat Mt. Adams this weekend in a scrimmage at Summit Country Day school in O’Bryonville. There was no official score, but the final tally was approximately 15-5.

Despite the loss, Mt. Adams looked very good. Surprisingly, time of possession was approximately equal and the Rams appeared to have taken more shots and won more face-offs than Cinci.

Credit has to be given to Cincinnati Mens’ strong offense that was extremely efficient with their possessions: finding the open man is one of their strong points. Cinci’s defense also played well especially in transition where they frequently disrupted Mt. Adams’ clears.

Unlike the heated rivalry of past games this contest was very friendly. Toward the end of the game players on both squads were switching positions for fun and just goofing off in general. That may not be the case in a few weeks when these teams play for the record, but it was a welcome change to fans and players alike.

Mt. Adams is on the road next weekend against Pittsburgh, A.K.A. Three Rivers Lacrosse (3RL). This will be the Rams first game in Pittsburgh since 2002 when 3RL folded.

2005-May-01: Mt. Adams 0-2 on Weekend, Budweiser Deal Complete!  

Akron Out Mans Mt. Adams

The much improved Akron Men’s Lacrosse Club beat Mt. Adams 10-2 in the first game of a double-header on Sunday. Founded in 2002, this was the Akron Devil’s first ever victory over Mt. Adams.

Away games are usually tough on Ram attendance. However, Mt. Adams showed up with a deep bench (by Mt. Adams standards) of 4 players.

Akron jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first quarter during which the Rams seemed to be suffering from stiffness due to the 3.5 hour trip to Akron. The Rams managed to get a goal in the second quarter, but Akron added two for a 5-1 Devil’s half-time lead.

Despite the 4 goal deficit it seemed that Mt. Adams was still in the game. The Akron team didn’t appear exceptionally skilled and the Rams had many opportunities to score in the first half.

However, Akron did out man Mt. Adams by a factor of two and they used that advantage well. Every time they gained possession of the ball they ran in fresh legs from their deep bench, often they refreshed two or three times on the same possession! The fresh Akron players were especially effective on defense where they were able to out hustle Mt. Adams on rides and in loose ball situations.

The second half went much like the first with Akron scoring 5 goals to Mt. Adam’s 1.


*no, it wasn’t Sean Murphy the goalie, it was another Sean Murphy who plays attack who joined the team. I can’t imagine why the Rams didn’t have the luck of the Irish in this game.

Cleveland Thumps Mt. Adams

The once dominant, but still excellent, Cleveland Men’s Lacrosse Club was given a test by Mt. Adams in the first half of the game. Mt. Adams allowed just 2 and 3 goals in the first and second quarters respectively.

However, despite several good scoring opportunities, the Cleveland defense was able to completely shut out the Rams in the first half.

The third quarter was a nightmare for Mt. Adams as Cleveland scored 6 unanswered goals for an 11-0 lead. The Rams prevented the shut-out by finding the net in the fourth, but Cleveland.added a quartet for a 15-1 victory.

The Rams will take next weekend off for Mother’s Day and will take the field again in two weeks for the Cincinnati Lacrosse tournament at Summit Country Day school in O’Brianville. Go here for the complete schedule.


Bud Deal Complete

It wasn’t all bad news for the Rams this weekend. Chairman Dude confirmed that Bud will sponsor the Mt. Adam’s Rams!

Bud gave us a special login to their Bud Store so that we can shop for uniforms that we like. The uniforms will feature Bud colors, but Chairman Dude thinks we can somehow incorporate Carolina Blue into the design. The uniforms will also carry a logo for Bud or Michelob Ultra.

Unfortunately, for legal purposes Bud cannot supply the team with beer. That is too bad, but regardless, special thanks go out to Chairman Dude for setting up this sponsorship as he has saved us in the neighborhood of $1000!

2005-April-24: Mt Adams Beats Great Lakes (Detroit) and Loses to Motor City (Detroit)  

Mt. Adams’ (Cincinnati) lacrosse game against Great Lakes this weekend was remarkably different from last weekend’s game against Columbus. The 40 degree game time temperature was the most noticeable difference: it approximately 40 degrees lower than last week! Also, The Rams showed up with an army against Columbus, but the 11 player turnout this weekend looked more like a street gang.

Great Lakes also showed up thin, with only 9 players. The teams agreed to allow GL to keep two back at defense and attack (instead of three) so the teams could play 6 on 6.

Historically, Mt. Adams holds a slight edge over Great Lakes, winning approximately 60 percent of their previous matchups.

Mt. Adams opened a quick two goal lead in the first and it looked like they would hold-serve on their home court. However, Great Lakes battled back to tie it at the half 4-4.

In the third, Mt. Adams came out shooting and opened up a 3 goal lead, but Great Lakes wouldn’t quit and cut the lead to 2 with a last second shot in the third quarter. It was a defensive battle in the fourth quarter, until, with 5 minutes left Great Lakes scored on a man-up opportunity to cut Mt. Adams’ lead to just one goal.

Neither team could score on thier next possessions and Great Lakes got the ball back with one minute to go in the Mt. Adams’ end. Great Lakes spent most of their last minute chasing wide shots or scrambling to regain possession due to heavy harassment by the Mt. Adams defense. Eventually time ran out and Mt. Adams walked-off the field with a slim one goal win, 7-6.

As predicted, a record was broken against Great Lakes. Congratulations to Chris Schafer who tied the single-game goals record with 5 goals. Chris will join Matt Kirkpatrick and Rusty Rouse on the record sheet

Motor City (Detroit) Beats Mt. Adams 11-6

After a long wait between games, Motor City finally found Mt. Adams’ home field. Motor City was coming off a 9-11 loss to Cincinnati earlier in the day, but they showed up with a deep bench, relative to the Rams, of 5 players. They also had their usual compliment of former D1 players.

Motor City owns the series record against Mt. Adams. The Rams have beat Motor City only twice in the last ten years.

Mt. Adams opened the scoring 1-0, but MC bounced back and at the end of the first it was 3-2 MC. In the second quarter the Motor City defense shut down the Rams and it was 6-2 at the half.

Despite the 4 goal deficit the Rams’ play was quite good. The Rams were particularly outstanding at the midfield ‘x’, winning approximately 80 percent of the face-offs.

The third quarter was like the second with MC putting in three goals for a 9-3 lead. Mt. Adams finally found their scoring punch in the fourth and outscored MC 3-2 in that quarter.

Next Sunday (May 1st) the Rams will play another double header, this time on the road, in Akron, OH against the powerful Cleveland Men’s Lacrosse Club and the not so powerful Akron Men’s Lacrosse Club.

2005-April-19: Miami U. Lacrosse Needs Your Help  Also seen at OHSLA News

To: Ernie, John, Sean, Tom, Dan, Steven, and Mike

I am John Galipault Jr. I know some of you, but not all. I am sending in email to each one of you because you are leaders in the sport of lacrosse in Ohio and in the Cinicnnati area too. I am a fourth year at Miami University in Oxford. We are losing our coach of two years due to job transfer. I am asking all of you for help in finding a new coach for our team. I talked to CG, Chris Gallagher friend and former coach, and he referred me to you all for help. If you are interested please read on.

Miami University has had a club team for over 30 years. I have played my freshman and sophomore years in the soon to be disbanded NCLL league and have gone to national final four each year. As club president sophomore and junior year I got the team into the USLIA MDIA in the CCLA conference. For those not familiar this is same conference as Michigan and other midwest teams and same league as BYU and Colorado St. I am red shirted for my senior year due to student teaching but I will be back for my fifth year next spring. Our coach, Grant Neeley who previously coached at Tennessee and Texas Tech and current CCLA director, as received a teaching position at U. of Dayton and will not be able to coach next season. We are looking for a new coach now. We have a committee of four who are returning and playing their final season next year.

What I ask for you is to spread the word. If you have a website including OHSLA, please put notice of the need for Miami University coach for fall '05 and spring '06. At this point the job is not paid and the responsibilities are to the team and the league. It is a club so it is player/student managed, but a coach is needed both by league standards and team standards.

If you have any further questions such as what to put on website or what to tell others please contact me without hesitation. You may also spread the word by simply giving my contact information. I have been previously president of the club for two years and I have brought the team to a new league with a new coach and to the next level. Again, we need to find a coach to secure our spot in the elite collegiate club spotlight. Thank you, especially if you read this far.

John B. Galipault Jr.
513-255-1774 (mobile)  or 614-846-8877 (summer)

2005-April-17: Lacrosse Summer Camps Paid Coaching Positions.
Mt. Adams,

Thanks for your on-field support at the game yesterday. Please dismiss
my rantings as merely those of a high-strung goalie in a frenzied
no-win situation. (Don't hate me! Please come back again!!)

Anyway, I'm really writing to seek help for a summer lacrosse camp I'm
organizing. It will be July 11th-15th at Schottelkotte Park on
Hamilton Avenue in Pleasant Run (just south of 275). It will run more or less
9am-2pm (final details are being worked out now) and I'm looking for a
few more coaches. It will be for boys & girls, 3rd-12th grades, new
players through experienced, so whatever level you want to work with,
we can arrange it. I'll be taking whatever age & level is leftover, so
you won't have to listen to me screaming at anyone! Finally, coaching
positions are PAID.

I know most of you won't be able to help because of work schedules, but
if anyone out there can, please let me know. I- and the kids- would
love to have however much or little expertise you can bring.

Sean Murphy
Celtic Lacrosse & Sporting Goods
3091 W. Galbraith Rd. #207
Cincinnati, OH 45239
(513) 522-7900

2005-April-17: Columbus Spanks Mt. Adams 20-3. (Discuss it here)

Mt. Adams (Cincinnati) Lacrosse Club played their first league game of 2005 on their new field at the Clippard YMCA in Colerain on Sunday. The field was lined with friends and family, most of whom were working on their tans and or watching children. Fortunately for them the weather was nice because the lacrosse on the field was not so nice, unless you like watching blow outs.

Columbus, the perennial MCLC East champion, lined up their usual mix of former D1, D3 and MLL players. This was the second year that Mt. Adams faced former Mt. Adams Hall of Famers Chris "Stump" Cortina (m) and Kevin "Stuff" McDermott (g) who now play for the Columbus Lacrosse Club. Interestingly, the last (and only) time Mt. Adams ever beat Columbus was three years ago when these two Hall members wore the Carolina blue sweater of Mt. Adams.

Unfortunately, Mt. Adams’ glory days are long gone, as Columbus dominated them in almost every phase of the game. Most of the game was played in Mt. Adams defensive end where the Rams faced about 15-20 shots per quarter.

One of the few bright spots for Mt. Adams was the play of their new recruits. All of the Rams three goals were scored by rookies. Mt. Adams veterans also showed some of their abilities by out ground-balling Columbus and not backing down in the face of C-bus’s SOP hard stick and body checking.

Columbus’s top flight defense wouldn’t let the Rams get anything started on offense. Their defense checked the sticks, arms, bodies and anything else the Rams exposed, usually leading to a fast-break the other way.

Relatively speaking, the Rams defense played well in the first half, allowing only 8 goals, making help-slides and chasing shots and ground balls. However by the second half their legs were shot and there was little help-sliding done and what few slides there were all came too late.

The typical second half Columbus (non-fast-break) possession went something like this: Columbus player beats Ram one-on-one, Rams begin help-slide rotation (too late), Columbus players ping the ball about and find a wide-open player on the crease for easy score.

There was better news on the business front for the Rams. Financial Chairman Laska announced the dues were only $75 this year (down from $100). Additionally, Entertainment Chairman Dude has received verbal commitment from Budweiser to sponsor the Rams. If the sponsorship works out, Bud will buy us new uniforms and give us, in the words of Chairman Dude, "money for beer". If it works out this reporter is giving up his microbrew ways and will become a Bud Man.


2005-April-10: Loisville slips past Mt. Adams 7-8. (Discuss it here)
I wasn't present for the game (my son is fine, just a bump on his head, and thanks for the well-wishes), but Mt. Adams lost at home this Sunday to Louisville 7-8. I'm told Mt. Adams had a skeleton squad with just enough to play, most likely due to the fact that Mt. Adams played 2 games just the day before at UD. The game was tied 7-7 going into the 4th, but Louisville used their superior numbers to wear down Mt. Adams for the win.

Overall there was good play with suprises from new players who helped contribute to Mt. Adams effectiveness. (scoring coming soon)

2005-April-09: Mt. Adam's Goes 2-1 at UD Tourney (Discuss it here)

It was a beautiful day for lacrosse in Dayton and Mt. Adam's first scrimmage of the year. The Rams played the University of Dayton in the first of their three scheduled games. Mount Adams owns the series record in this matchup that goes back nearly 10 years. However, UD has won the last three meetings. This year UD added coach Charlie Mark, a Mount Adams alumni to their team.

The game began with several scoreless possessions by each team and it wasn't until about the 5 minute mark that UD scored the first goal of the game on a quick clear and subsequent fast break. The Flyers added a second goal about one minute later off another quick clear-fast break. UD repeated that pattern for almost all of their goals as Mt. Adams didn't have the legs to stay with UD's 4 lines of middies.

At the half the score was 6-2 UD. Scoring slowed in the second half as Mt. Adams began to hold the ball on offense more. This was an effective strategy as it held down on UD fast breaks, but the Flyers had already built a comfortable lead. UD added 2 goals in the second half to Mt. Adam's one for a final score of 8-3.

In the second game, Mt. Adams played the Wright State Raiders. This may have been the first matchup between these teams and it was certainly the first time that Mt. Adams hadn't had a former Raider on their squad!

The Raiders looked great in their dark green (forest?) jersey and shorts trimmed in black and white. However, they looked terrible once they began throwing the ball around . . . dropped passes were the norm and their goalie couldn't stop a basketball (much less a lacrosse ball). Mt. Adams opened a quick lead and never looked back on a 15-3 rout of the Raiders.

The Rams won by forfeit over the University of Kentucky club lacrosse team. Mt. Adams last home game against Kentucky was a also a forfeit as Kentucky's players stayed in Lexington because they didn't want to make the (60 mile trip) up to Cincinnati.

Kentucky's lameness continued as they said "we're too tired" (no, I'm not making it up they actually said it) to play a third game and promptly got in their cars and drove back to Lexington. May I suggest that UK change their team colors to Pink trimmed in Lavender? How about changing their mascot from a Wildcat to a PUSSYcat? Sorry if I've lost my journalistic objectiveness, but this fan of the game was very disappointed with UK. It would have been a good game too as UK had lost to Dayton 8-3 -- the same score as Mt. Adams.

Overall, Mt. Adams showed great promise for the season. Their numbers were good (they actually had a second line of middies) and thier sticks skills (after a terrible first quarter) began to come around. At this point, however, most MCLC teams would handily beat the Rams. Fortunately for Mt. Adams though they still have another scrimmage against L'ville to shake off the rust.

2005-April-09: UD (Dayton Lacrosse Tourney) from Gregg (game times changed)


        Due to slight referee conflicts with scheduling, they will have to leave a little earlier than expected.  So what we have to right now is this:  As usual, the games will begin at 10 AM.  At 11:45, or as soon as both games are done with, we will begin the next game.  Same goes for the 3rd game.  We're gonna plan at going around 1:15 for the 3rd game, or just start earlier if we can based on if the other two games are done.  The refs are gonna have to be out of here by 2:30.  I know this is rough but I was informed on a last minute notice about the dilemma.  
        I would encourage you to plan accordingly by bringing food/excessive drinks for the sideline.  The quarters are going to be 15 min running clocks, so the games should take roughly an hr 15 minutes or so.  As far as parking, as you go down Far Hills past Dorothy Lane, you will see the fields on your left.  However, there is no where to turn onto the fields directly, so go past them just a little and you will see a small medical building.  We are going to use this as our parking lot, as it is not occupied during the weekend.  You should be able to get to the fields from there based on where you saw them from the road.  Let me know if there are any questions about anything.


John Pastorek
University of Dayton lacrosse

2005-April-08: UD (Dayton Lacrosse Tourney) from Gregg

Clippard YMCA
8920 Cheviot Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45251

From East/North/South:
I-75 to SR-126/Ronald Reagan Hwy
W on SR-126/Ronald Reagan Hwy
Exit @ US-27 W/Colerain Ave
Right on US-27 W/Colerain Ave
Left on Joseph Rd (just past Joseph Chevrolet)
Right on Cheviot Rd
YMCA is on right.
Fields are behind outdoor pool.

From West of I-75:
There are about 100 ways to get there.

2005-April-07: UD (Dayton Lacrosse Tourney) from Gregg

First of all, thank you coming up this weekend. Marshall decided to cancel at the last minute, but we are hopeful that Mt. Adams Men's club from Cincinnati is going to fill in. Here is the schedule for Saturday, directions, and my contact. Let me know if you have any questions

Field 1

10 AM - Mt. Adams vs Dayton
1 PM - Mt. Adams vs Wright State
3 PM - Wright State vs Dayton

Field 2 -

10 AM - Wright State vs Kentucky
1 PM - Kentucky vs Dayton
3 PM - Mt. Adams vs Kentucky

Both fields are right next to each other, which should be convenient to say the least. Bathrooms will be unlocked in the immediate area. I allowed for a short lunch break in between the 10 AM and 1 PM games. The quarters will be 15 minute running clock each (each game, in essence, is 20 minutes shorter than usual). We are also asking that each team bring $180 to pay for refs. We will pick up the tab for the three games we play, the other expenses will cover games independent of ours - I know this is expensive but crews charge $180 p/game now.

Here are directions coming from Cincinnati - UK if you need other directions other than this let me know.
Take 75N, then exit 43 for 675N, then exit 4B for Route 48 north (towards Kettering), stay on route 48 north, it turn into Far Hills Ave (after about 2.2 miles). The fields are off of Far Hills Avenue just north of passing E Dorothy Lane .

Look forward to seeing everyone out on Saturday.


John Pastorek
University of Dayton Men's Lacrosse
290 Marycrest
Dayton, OH 45469-8812

2005-April-05: UD (Dayton Lacrosse Tourney) from Gregg
Hey everyone:

I talked to the head of UD's Lacrosse team (John Pastorek) tonight and they are sending out the "BAT SIGNAL".

They are having a round-robin lacrosse tourny this Saturday and one of the teams backed out. They want to know if we can field a team by this Saturday. Games are at 10:00, 1:00 and 3:00. It will be UD, Marshall, UK and I think someone else (and Mt. Adams). I guess we need to coordinate this as a usual re: who can play, positions ect...They have 2 fields, officials, ect... It sounds like it will be played at Fairmont HS in Kettering and not at UD (girls lax game....go figure). Anyway, I need to let John from UD know if we can field a team ASAP.

Let's get a team together! If we can do this John will forward directions and details ect...


2005-April-02: Here's the latest info regarding our roster and April games! (from Mike Ellerbrock)

If you plan to play this season, please send me an e-mail with the following information so we can update the roster:
- name (first,last)
- position(s)
- HS/College team
- Mt. Adams Jersey number (if you have a jersey)
- phone number (home and cell, if available)

OPTIONAL OPEN GAME, SUNDAY, 04/03/05: Pat Kennedy from Cincy Men's has the field at Summit Country Day available this Sunday at 1pm. Teams will probably be mixed, unless there's enough guys from each Mt. Adams and Cincy Men's to have a regular scrimmage. That's as much info as I have.

We've got a lot of stuff coming up this month.
04/10 - trying to schedule non-conference game against Louisville. We will play here in Cincy if we play at all.
04/17 - Columbus at Mt. Adams
04/23 - Motor City at Mt. Adams
04/24 - Great Lakes at Mt. Adams
04/30 - Mt. Adams @ Cleveland
05/01 - Mt. Adams @ Akron

Michael Ellerbrock
Schedule Coordinator
Mt. Adams Lacrosse Club
513.527.2624 (w)
513.477.9406 (c)
513.793.3847 (h)


I'm playing catch-up again. But here's some old news and that should be it for the summer.
Don't forget to play summer league.

From June 14...
Congrats to our first Hall-of-Fame class!

Position Name Votes
A Bill Mathis 11
G Andy Sweetman 5
G Kevin McDerrmott 4
M Chris Cortina 4

Keith Kroger (3) came close as did a write in campaign for Jeremy Reid (3)!  They'll be on the ballot again next year.

Also, did you see the article about us on page 2 of the Cincinnati Enquirer this Sunday?  Take a look if you still have the paper.

From June 9...

Before a large crowd, Mt. Adams (Cincinnati) lost the cross-town shootout to Cincinnati Men's Lacrosse last Friday night in Mariemont.  This was the third straight shootout loss for the Rams.

The game started with a quick goal for Cincinnati off the faceoff.  Cincinnati built a 3-0 first quarter lead, but Mt. Adams climbed right back into the game with a goal at the beginning of the second quarter. 

This game is highly anticipated by both teams and this probably led to the sloppy play--in the early going, both teams appeared to have the jitters as balls were being dropped and passes overthrown.

Mt. Adams added 2 more goals in the second quarter, but Cincinnati scored three times for a 6-3-halftime edge.  The third quarter was one to forget for Mt. Adams as Cincinnati scored 6 unanswered goals.  Mt. Adams broke their second half scoring draught with a quick score at the beginning of the fourth quarter, but Cincinnati had built a large cushion and coasted to a 14-4 victory.

This was a disappointing loss for Mt. Adams.  Before the game there had been talk of a possible Mt. Adams upset of Cincinnati.  Prognosticators cited several factors in Mt. Adams favor such as excellent new players and a deep bench.

Unfortunately, these factors seemed to work against Mt. Adams rather than in its favor.  The new players were excellent, but the team just couldn't seem to gel.  The deep bench made it difficult for players to get rolling, as there were many substitutions.

This was the final game of the 2004 season for Mt. Adams.  This will be the third year in a row that Mt. Adams failed to make the MCLC playoffs.

Despite the disappointing season, if Mt. Adams is able to keep their team together in the off-season they have a bright future.  The team showed a great deal of potential and if it plays an entire season together would undoubtedly be a playoff team. 



Tom put together some code for a poll. Try it out.

Mt. Adams Hall of Fame
Who do you think should enter the Mt. Adam's Hall of Fame?
Chris Cortina
Keith Kroger
Bill Mathis
Kevin McDermott
Andy Sweetman

View current results


I'm back from vacation, so here's some old and some new news:

This weekend's game
Mark your calendars for FRIDAY, JUNE 4!!!  7PM.  NIGHT GAME!!  Mariemont HS, Cincinnati (Mariemont).  Under the lights on the turf.

We will be playing Cincinnati Men's Lax Club that day and it would be great (and we can beat them) if we get a full turnout.

Directions to Mariemont are here.

Summer league
So as not to suffer withdrawal after our big game on Friday, here's info on a local summer league.  Monday nights on nice turf at Shea Stadium in Norwood.  Hope to see you all there!

Scrimmage against UC
Thanks for everyone who came out to scrimmage the University of Cincinnati (Mt. Adams won 7-5, but it was mostly for fun).


There will be a scrimmage against UC this Sunday.

Sunday (May 23) 2pm

Hopewell Middle-School, Cox Road in West Chester, Ohio 45069.

75 North to Tylersville Road exit. 
Go East  Approx. 1/2 mile to Cox road.
Go Right on Cox Road
School approx. 1/2 mile on left.
Fields in the back....



Mt. Adams (Cincinnati) 10    Great Lakes (Detroit) 12

Mt. Adams (Cincinnati) had won the last meeting of these teams 14 - 5, but that victory had been at home and Great Lakes had almost no bench.  The roles were reversed for this matchup as Mt. Adams was on the road and showed up with just 10 players.  Fortunately for Mt. Adams 10 is enough to play and Great Lakes didn't have a very deep bench.

The first quarter started 1-0 Great Lakes, but Mt. Adams quickly bounced back with a fast-break goal. After a short while, it was apparent that the teams were evenly matched and the game would come down to the final quarter (for the second week in a row).

Mt. Adams had a rag-tag team patched together with new recruits and old-standby players.  However, when play began it appeared that they had been playing together for years, as passing and assisting were the norm.

Toward the end of the second half with the score 6-4 Great Lakes, Mt Adams lost a player to a shoulder separation (Vaske, AKA The Dude).  It appeared that Mt. Adams would have to forfeit since they had no replacements.  However, Great Lakes decided they would play the remainder of the game with 9 players to keep the sides even.

Mt. Adams dominated the third quarter and tied the score briefly at 8-8.  After that point the teams traded scores until late in the fourth when Great Lakes went up by one, 11-10.

Great Lakes won the ensuing face-off and, with time running out, Mt. Adams started taking chances in the defensive end to get the ball.  It appeared their gamble would pay off as the ball popped out after a
double-team behind the Rams' goal, but unfortunately the ball was swatted in front of the crease where it bounce right to a Great Lakes attack man who put the garbage goal in for the win.

Mt. Adams (Cincinnati)  7    Detroit 10

Mt. Adams was in a bind as injuries in their early game with Great Lakes had left them short-handed. Detroit had a deep bench and decided to loan Mt. Adams three players so they could field a team.

Detroit is a perennial contender in the MCLC and this year was no exception.  Their squad included many D1 players from top schools like Princeton and Maryland.  Clearly, even with the new recruits, Mt. Adams was overmatched.

However, as play began it was apparent that the teams were playing at an equal level.  Detroit took a 1-0, but the Rams bounced right back and tied it up.  Perhaps Detroit was just playing lackadaisically as they had already won the game by forfeit.  Whatever the reason it turned out to be a fun game to watch as both teams displayed great passing and teamwork.

By the second quarter, Detroit built a two-goal lead 5-3, but Mt. Adams played a strong second half and nearly tied the score on a fast-break chance midway through the third quarter.

With the score 7-8 in the fourth Detroit was able to pull away with two unanswered goals.  Even with the Detroit additions, the Rams didn't have the legs to get back and into the game and Detroit won 10-7.

This was another moral victory for the Rams.  The three new recruits were good players, especially one middie who was very fast and who put in three goals for the Rams.  However, the Rams' regulars did the bulk of the work and the scoring.

The Rams face Cincinnati in their next league game.  A win for the Rams would likely put them into the MCLC playoffs, as they would win a goal-differential tiebreaker for the final playoff spot due to their strong showing in league games this year.

The Cincinnati game is currently scheduled for Sunday, June 6.  The Rams are trying to move the game to Friday night, June 4 as players and fans seem to like Friday night games.

Great games guys.


The Detroit convoy will be leaving at 7AM Sunday from the Home Depot parking lot (off Rt. 75, Tylersville Exit).

Sunday Game Times:
12:00pm    Great Lakes
3:00pm      Detroit (Motor City)   


- Added some links to other teams here.

- Some info on the Detroit games this weekend:

We will have 2 games on Sunday in Detroit. I don't have time info yet.

The games will be at Birmingham Seaholm High School.
The facility has the new field turf and is very nice.  Here are directions to the field:

75N - follow that through Detroit to 696W.
Exit 696W at Evergreen Rd.
Turn Right (North) onto Evergreen.
Follow Evergreen about 3 1/2 miles, The school will be on the right hand side.

For hotels I would recommend the Holiday Inn Express in Birmingham or the Drury Inn, Red Roof, or Holiday Inn, all in Troy, MI.




It was a great day for a lacrosse double-header in Indianapolis.  The weather cleared up shortly after leaving Cincinnati and it was sunny and about 60 degrees.

Mt. Adams’ (Cincinnati) first game was against Windy City (Chicago).  Mt. Adams had beat Windy City in their 2003 match up despite Windy City’s deep bench and Mt. Adams shallow bench (10 players total). 

Mt. Adams had 12 players on this day and hoped for a repeat of last year.  Windy City, however, seemed improved on offense and was able to take a first quarter lead 3-0.

Hoping to conserve energy because they only had 2 players on the bench to Windy City’s 10, Mt. Adams tried to slow the tempo of the game down in the second quarter--taking the full amount of time allowed to clear the ball.  However that tactic didn’t work, it gave Windy City the chance to sub-off their tired players and set up their ride.  It also seemed to knock Mt. Adams off their rhythm. 

Mt. Adams gave up that tactic late in the second quarter, but Windy City had built a large 8-1 lead by that point.  After loosening things up on the clear, Mt. Adams did much better and the goals started to come.

It was 10-4 after the third and with a scoring barrage in the fourth Mt. Adams cut it to 15-9.  However, Windy City’s early lead was enough to carry them to victory, 15-9.


In a great game to watch, Indianapolis stole a win from the visiting Mt. Adams Rams, 14-10.  At the outset it didn’t look good for Mt. Adams--injuries had cut their bench to just 2 players and it looked so bad that Indy (pitying the Rams) was going to allow some of the Windy City players to play with Mt. Adams beginning in the second quarter, presumably, after Indy had run up a large lead.

However, after the first quarter the score was 3-3 and Indy was no longer in a pitying mood--revoking their offer and sending the Windy City players packing back to Chicago. 

Despite the back-to-back games, Mt. Adams seemed energized.  The defense was aggressive and the offense looked fresh and D1 caliber. 

The game was tight as the teams traded goals up until late in the second.  Mt. Adams appeared to be losing some of their early momentum (and legs) and allowed 3 unanswered goals for a 9-6 Indy halftime lead.

The second half was similar to the first in that the teams swapped goals back-and-forth.  Mt. Adams teamwork was impressive—in what is likely a Mt. Adams’ single game record, 70 percent of their goals were assisted!  The defense was also impressive as they shut down many of Indy’s D1 players from Butler and, with terrific passing and patience, cleared the ball with seeming ease.

The 3 unanswered goals late in the second by Indy, however, proved to be too much for Mt. Adams to recover from.  Indy held on to that 3-point margin throughout the second half and built it by one late in the fourth quarter.  Indy snuck away with a 14-10 victory and in hindsight was lucky they didn’t play Mt. Adams in the first game of the double header.

Mt. Adams next game is another double-header in two weeks, after the Mother’s Day break, against Detroit and Motor City.  A win against either of these teams would put Mt. Adams into the MCLC playoffs.  However, the games will be in Detroit and it might be a tall order to get a win on the road so far from home.  Time will tell.

Great play by all and especially Tom Windham who may have set a single game scoring record with 7 points against Indy!

Directions to the field from Mike:

We're still meeting at the Cleves park-n-ride, but here's the directions if you can't meet us there.

FIELD - From Cincinnati:

Take I-74 to I-465 North.
Follow I-465 North into I-465 West.
Exit I-465 West using the 37/I-69 Exit.
Go North on 37.
Exit 37 using the 116th street exit.
Turn right on 116th street.
Follow 116th street to Brookschool Rd.
Turn left on Brookschool Rd.
Take Brookschool Rd. until it intersects 131st street and turn left on 131st street.
There will be three fields on this road. We are playing on field #3 (Mudsock field).


Updates from Tom:

Please RSVP for 2 games @Indy this Sunday. 

2004 Scoring totals are below.  Hayes is out for the year, but you're going to have a hard time catching him (except for Laska)!

Points Player Total Assists Total Goals
11 Hayes 2 9
8 Laska 4 4
6 Rouse 3 3
2 Lopez 0 2
1 Chavez 0 1
1 Spink 0 1
1 Wilcox 0 1

Convoy leaving from Cleves park-n-ride at 11:30 AM

I am pretty sure the P-N-R is at Exit 7 off of I-74 (Hamilton, Cleves, Hwy 128 Exit).  Make a left off the exit ramp and it is on your immediate left.

REMEMBER INDY IS AN HOUR BEHIND US!  If we leave at 11:30 our time we will be leaving at 10:30 Indy time.
Check it out at http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=105

Great games this past weekend.  The upcoming weekend is another BIG one.  Two games in Indy this Sunday!

May 2, 2004
@ Indy vs Windy City (1pm)
@ Indy vs Circle City (3pm)

PLEASE RSVP.  We'll be convoying up on Sunday morning from the Cleves park-n-ride.  Leaving at 11:30 AM Sunday.

Mt. Adams (Cincinnati) split their home double-header this weekend, losing 12-1 against Cleveland and squeaking by Akron 4-3.

Cleveland had just played a game against Cincinnati Men's Lacrosse and Mt. Adams players were hoping that Cleveland wouldn't have the legs to play back-to-back games.  Cleveland, however, had a full bench and quickly showed that they had plenty of energy--jumping to a 4-0 first quarter lead.

At the half Cleveland had completely frustrated Mt. Adams and led 8-0.  Cleveland was using 5 and sometimes 6 long-poles on defense.  Their aggressive play made it too difficult for Mt. Adams to get anything going.

Mt. Adams eventually broke through for a goal in the second half and played much more like a team. However, Cleveland just had too much for Mt. Adams to handle and left with a 12-1 victory.

Against Akron, Mt. Adams got a victory, but they had to earn it against an Akron club that was tremendously improved from years past. After the first quarter Mt. Adam's had a 1-0 lead, but Akron was playing aggressive defense and it was clear that the game wasn't going to be decided until the fourth quarter.

The second quarter belonged to Akron as they put 2 unanswered goals on the board for a 2-1 halftime lead. Mt. Adams started to play much more like a team in the second half.  Their time of possession increased and so did passing and picking. 

Midway through the third Mt. Adams tied it up and the score remained tied until midway through the fourth when Mt. Adams took a 1 goal lead.

Akron appeared to tie the game again late in the fourth, but their player stepped in the crease just before scoring the goal.

Akron kept the pressure on and they had possession of the ball for most of the last two minutes of the game, but Mt. Adams defense prevented Akron from getting anything started by batting down passes and disrupting Akron's playmakers. With seconds remaining Mt. Adams used the 'Gilman' clear and it appeared that would end the game, but the long-throw went out-of-bounds at midfield and Akron drove the ball down for one last shot that sailed wide-left.

Great games guys.  That was fun.  CU at Indy.


Update from Tom:
The games are at Mariemont HS. Please be there and ready to go at 12:30 Sunday so we can practice man-up/man-down before the game.

Directions to Mariemont are here (March 19th).


Update from Mike:
The scrimmage on Sunday has been moved up to 12 noon because of the field schedule.  Our field time starts at 12 and goes to 2pm, so get there before noon so we can start right at 12!  It sounds like there will be lots of guys there (40-ish?) between Mt. Adams, Cincy Men's, and UK, so plan on being there the whole time so everyone gets playtime.  We will be playing at Hopewell Junior High's stadium field.  Directions are below. 

Our next league games are on Sunday, April 25.  We are playing Cleveland and Akron, and so is Cincy Men's.  We have worked out the following schedule for that day.  All four games will be played on Mariemont High School's pro-turf field.  That schedule is below.  Except that it spreads out our day, this schedule should be to our benefit because Cincy Men's plays both teams first.

Hopewell Jr School is on Cox Rd between Tylersville and Route 42/Reading Rd.

75 N to Tylersville - turn right (E)
Turn right (S) on Cox
School is on left (we'll probably be in the stadium)
PER DAN FISHER: (if you can't find it, give your parents their college money back)

Cincy vs Cleveland 12-1:30
Mt. Adams vs Cleveland 1:30-3
Cincy vs Akron 3-4:00
Mt. Adams vs Akron 4-5:00


Catching up on the past week:

Check out league standings here:

Update from Tom:
Mt. Adams (Cincinnati) overcame injuries to beat Three Rivers (Pittsburgh) in a low-scoring 5-3 game.

Mt. Adams new home field in Hyde Park was too soggy to play on, so the Rams returned to their old home field in Forest Park for the game against 3Rivers (Pittsburgh) Lacrosse Club.  The field was soggy and had its usual 5 inches of grass which made play very slow. 

Pittsburgh had only nine players so Mt. Adams showed some Cincinnati hospitality and let Pittsburgh keep 2 players back (instead of 3) so we could play 6x6 ball.

At the half Pitt had kept it close at 3-1 but Mt. Adams somewhat superior numbers (2 middie lines instead of Pittsburgh's 1) began to show.

With 3 minutes left Mt. Adam's had a 5-1 lead, but Pittsburgh used their youth to comeback, scoring back-to-back goals to cut Mt. Adam's lead to 2.
However, Mt. Adams was able to run out the clock for the win.

Mt. Adam's (Cincinnati) was overpowered by the Columbus Club 15-7 on Columbus's home field at Worthingway middle school in Worthington, OH.

Columbus was a clear favorite in this game.  Columbus is the reigning league champ and their roster is composed of D1 and D3 players from colleges like Butler, Ohio Wesleyan (OWU), and OSU.  They had beat Mt. Adam's 20-2 in last year's match up.
Due to some Mt. Adams player's showing up late, Columbus had to loan Mt. Adam's 3-4 players to get the game started.  The loaners stayed on with Mt. Adam's after the late players showed up in the mid-1st quarter.

Columbus lead throughout the game, but Mt. Adams kept within 3-4 goals.  Toward the end, Columbus's superior numbers showed and they put the game away with a 4th quarter scoring burst.

Relatively speaking a 15-7 loss to Columbus on their home turf is a moral victory for Mt. Adams.  The loaners were top quality players (Craig Cahoun of the Columbus MLL team was one of the loaners), but the Carolina Blue jerseys of Mt. Adams were clearly doing the majority of the ball-handling, clearing and defensive work.  Cahoun and the other loaners added a welcome scoring punch though! 

Adding the players seemed to calm tensions between the teams.  Prior matchups between the teams have been marred by trash-talk and cheap hits, but, in a welcome change, both teams seemed to be having fun on Sunday.


Update for this weekend:

- Home against Pittsburgh at 3:00pm; please be there by 2:00pm
- Home field this week is at Forest Park
    Forest Park Elementary - North Side of Cincinnati
    (behind the 'Kids R Us' store and near Forest Fair Mall)

    From West
        -Take I-74 West to I-275 East/North (toward Dayton)
        -Exit at Winton Road (same exit as Forest Fair Mall)
        -Turn right (south) on Winton Road
        -Follow Winton for 1 block and make a left at the first major intersection (there is a Marathon? gas station on the left and a 'Kids R Us store on the left)
        -Follow road and make a right at the 2nd? stop sign
        -Go about 200 yards and the school will be on your right

    From East & South & North
        -Get to intersection of I-75 / I-275 on the north side of town
        -Get on I-275 West
        -Exit at Winton Road. Exit branches - stay left. Turn right (south) on Winton Road
        -Follow Winton for 1 block and make a left at the first major intersection (there is a Marathon? gas station on the left and a 'Kids R Us store on the left)
        -Follow road and make a right at the 2nd? stop sign
        -Go about 200 yards and the school will be on your right

- Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour!
- Away against Columbus at 2:00pm
- We are meeting at the Field's Ertel Park and Ride (PNR) at 11:30am
        -Get to RT 71 N
        -Get off at Exit 19 (Field's Ertel)
        -Left off the ramp
        -First right
        -PNR is on your left
- Directions to Columbus (Worthingway Middle School)
        -71 North toward Columbus (104 miles)
        -Take OH-315 North toward Indianapolis (10 miles)
        -Take the OH-161 exit toward Worthington (0.1 miles)
        -Turn right onto W Granville Rd/OH-161 (1 mile)
        -Turn Left onto High St/US-23
        -Turn onto Larrimer and follow into the school


Update from Tom:
The scrimmage is this Sunday at 3pm at the Mariemont HS turf field.

Directions to Mariemont:
- Take I-71S to Route 50 E (aka Columbia Parkway)
- Take I-275 (East Side) to Route 50 W 

Route 50 has a couple different names, but in Mariemont it's called Wooster Pike.
The HS is on the east side of the town square.
Turn north off Wooster Pike onto Pocahontas (there is a light at the intersection).
You'll want to turn right (east) almost immediately into the school entrance and head towards the back of the school.
The field and parking area is on the back side of the school.  You can't see them from the road.


Message from Mike:

Scrimmage against Cincinnati is set for this Sunday at 2pm (changed to 3pm - see above).  Field is TBD.

Message from Rusty:
Brother Laxers,
Hope everyone had a good time this weekend, it was good to see everyone together again. I had a BLAST and man am I sooooooooore. I'm sure you middies are feelin it!!! I just wanted to say thanks for all those who attended and hope we have as good or better turn out for this weekend against Cincy. Andy Hayes scored all 5 goals that last game...WOW!!!  Sean the IRON GATE Murphy also played exceptional.... nice job to everyone!


Message from Tom:
The game this weekend is in L'ville.  We are going to meet Sunday at 10:30 AM in the Hilton parking lot at the Turfway exit (directions below).

Let me know if you can't go with us and I'll get you directions directly to the field (as soon as I get them myself).

Directions to Hilton at Turfway
-Get on 71/75 south going to Kentucky (diddle ding-ding ding-ding ding-ding ding)
-Cross the Ohio river and keep going until you see the Turfway exit (~10 miles)
-Exit at Turfway (you'll see the Hilton from the ramp) and turn right
-Make your next right onto Turfway
-Turn right into the Hilton parking lot and look for us


Updated Spring schedule is available here.


Spring schedule is available here.