2018-Mar-04: Social Media Links (below) are Best Source
See our social media and follow us for the most up-to-date information about the club. Thanks! CONTACT- Email is key--get on the list. Send an email to tomDING@DONGcincinnatilax.com to find out more, but remove the 'DING' and the 'DONG' from the email address as it is only there to deter spambots.

See our Rhinegeist-Slowbreakers Mens Lacrosse Twitter:
Rhinegeist-Slowbreakers Mens Lacrosse Club site on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/240600350305
Rhinegeist-Slowbreakers Mens Lacrosse Club site on SnapChat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/cincinnatilax
Rhinegeist-Slowbreakers Mens Lacrosse Club site on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cincinnatilax1/

2017-Aug-10: Cinci Summer Box Lax Championship Game
I hope to see you at 6:30 PM, Aug 13, 9805 Union Cemetary Rd., Loveland, OH. The competition is more level this year than I have ever seen so predicting Loveland versus Traditional is speculation...even Rhinegeist might make it. After the game we will talk about how the Fall will look. Some have said they want to play field once a week in Sycamore on the HS turf. Others want to go back to SportsPlus for indoor box.

2017-Jun-24: Instagram
We've now got a Instagram feed CincinnatiLax1 to add to the list (at bottom of this page

2017-May-27: Hayfield Classic Details

1. Box Lax tomorrow will be at 7 pm at sports plus . see you there

2. Hayfield classic
  • is june 10th here in cincinnati.
  • this is field lacrosse
  • for over 35 year olds
  • and this year will be a 3 team round robin with two teams from columbus and us
  • games will be from 10 am until 4 pm
if you haven't already hit the link

RSVP for Hayfield Classic
go bucks!

2017-May-29: Summer Box Detials

Fellas -

The outdoor box at Loveland is officially open. 9805 Union Cemetery Rd, Loveland.

Grass is cut, off season cages are in place. No creases tho until league play starts.

Improvements to the box this year:

New (to us) nets (June). These are former NHL nets (used one season), and used they are about $2K. They are barely used. Maybe a little bit of blood.
Scorekeeper platform built on bench side so clock op/scorekeep will now be on bench side
Left side bench door has been reversed so it opens the proper way now
Both shot clock stands rebuilt

When you guys start playing pick-up I will get the communal goalie gear in the storage bins. Just let me know.

Mens league play starts July 11 and runs through Aug 11 with Final Four and Championship on Aug 13 Sunday.
Games will be Tues, Thurs, Fri nights 6:45 and 7:45. At least 1 game per week with no more than 2 games per week.

I expect all 8 teams to return this year but if you are interested in putting in a team, let me know asap.

Team fees will not be going up this year despite improvements to the arena.

It's a team fee not a individual player fee.
You can have as many guys are you want on your roster; I don't care how many guys you collect from, I just need the one
team fee. The rest is yours to keep. Remember tho, guys have to be on your roster and play in 1 reg season game for your team to play in the playoffs.
Can't be on multiple rosters. And you can only play for one team come playoff time, so if you are on a team and you lose in the semi's, you can't jump on one of the
2 teams playing in the champ.

Other than that, there are pretty much no other rules. Just play box. In the summer. Outdoors.

Does it get any better than that?

- Cotsonas

2017-May-27: Still Playing Open Mens Box Lax
Monday nights, 9PM, SportsPlus, 10765 Reading Road, Evendale, OH. Cost is $10 per night payable at the front desk. Turnout stil great. We'll be playing until the outdoor box starts. See pics at our Facebook Group, Twitter and live SnapChats on Mondays. Home page has links at the bottom to our social pages. Check twitter, facebook or snapchat for updates. Special time on Memorial Day: 7pm!

2017-May-26: Summer Outdoor Box Info I will send out info on summer outdoor pick up box in Loveland as soon as I know when the box will be open. I was told they just re seeded it. Not sure why they did it
at this late date but will know more soon.

Outdoor box league play will begin week of July 11, end Sunday Aug 11. Tues, Thurs, Fri nights @ 6:45,7:30.

Want to put a team in? Let me know. Team fees being finalized, but likely $625-$650 again this year.
Want to be put on a team? Let me know and I will hook you up with a squad that is looking to add a stud like you.


2017-Apr-18: MCLC Schedule is Out
Join our Facebook group to see our schedule. We used to keep it here at the webside, but not anymore.

2017-Apr-17: Still Playing Open Mens Box Lax
Monday nights, 9PM, SportsPlus, 10765 Reading Road, Evendale, OH. Cost is $10 per night payable at the front desk. Turnout has been great. See pics at our Facebook Group and live SnapChats on Mondays..

2017-Mar-24: New SnapChat Account
Hi Guys, in addition to our Twitter and Facebook accounts you can now add us on SnapChat to get the latest updates.
https://www.snapchat.com/add/cincinnatilax see our home page About section for all the links.

2016-Nov-5: New President
Congrats to Ryan Chait our new club president and thanks to Nick Habes our outgoing president. For more information go to our facebook site or twitter feed (see the bottom) of this home page for the URL.

2016-Oct-17: Winter Box Begins
Winter box began about a month ago. As usual we're mixing Slowbreakers and the Mens Club. Monday nights, 9PM, SportsPlus in Evendale, OH. Cost is $10 per night payable at the front desk. Turnout has been great and usually gets better until the peak at Xmas-New Years.

2016-Aug-23: Summer Club Pickup Begins
Now that the Summer Box league in Loveland is over we're starting to play pickup lax at 5pm on Sundays. This will continute for 1-2 months.

2016-Mar-02: BockFest Club Fundraiser and Beer Battle
Nick, Tom, Woodys Wife and others will be serving beer at the
Zinzinnati BockFest and raising money for the club. Stop down and have a beer at our booth!

2016-Jan-20: Winter Ball
We are playing box on Saturdays at SportsPlus in Sharonville. Contact me to get on the list.

2015-Aug-3: X v Mens
Xavier Club v. Cinci Mens Game Update - we are CONFIRMED for Saturday October 3rd (10/03/15).
  • Xavier is reserving the field at Clark Montessori in Hyde Park
  • Starting at 1:00 PM. Game will start at 1:30 PM. Please block your calendars!
  • Let's get our numbers up, talk to some buddies to come out.


2015-Aug-2: Pickup Box Lax
Both the Slowbreakers and the Cinci Mens (formerly the 'Bowties') are playing pickup at 6:30PM tonight and for the next three or four Weds (until it gets too dark). Play begins at Home of the Brave Park in Loveland tonight at 6:30pm.

2015-Jul-5: Tomorrow begins summer box lax
Both the Slowbreakers and the Bowties have teams going. Play begins at Home of the Brave Park in Loveland tomorrow at 6pm.

2015-Mar-22: Slowbreakers in Ohio Machine Masters Tourney

The Slowbreakers are putting together a team for the Ohio Machine Masters Tourney. July 4th. More info at the link below.

Machine Masters
CU, Tom