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2018-Mar-04: Social Media Links (below) are Best Source
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2017-Aug-10: Cinci Summer Box Lax Championship Game
I hope to see you at 6:30 PM, Aug 13, 9805 Union Cemetary Rd., Loveland, OH. The competition is more level this year than I have ever seen so predicting Loveland versus Traditional is speculation...even Rhinegeist might make it. After the game we will talk about how the Fall will look. Some have said they want to play field once a week in Sycamore on the HS turf. Others want to go back to SportsPlus for indoor box.

2017-Jun-24: Instagram
We've now got a Instagram feed CincinnatiLax1 to add to the list (at bottom of this page

2017-May-27: Hayfield Classic Details

1. Box Lax tomorrow will be at 7 pm at sports plus . see you there

2. Hayfield classic
  • is june 10th here in cincinnati.
  • this is field lacrosse
  • for over 35 year olds
  • and this year will be a 3 team round robin with two teams from columbus and us
  • games will be from 10 am until 4 pm
if you haven't already hit the link

RSVP for Hayfield Classic
go bucks!

2017-May-29: Summer Box Detials

Fellas -

The outdoor box at Loveland is officially open. 9805 Union Cemetery Rd, Loveland.

Grass is cut, off season cages are in place. No creases tho until league play starts.

Improvements to the box this year:

New (to us) nets (June). These are former NHL nets (used one season), and used they are about $2K. They are barely used. Maybe a little bit of blood.
Scorekeeper platform built on bench side so clock op/scorekeep will now be on bench side
Left side bench door has been reversed so it opens the proper way now
Both shot clock stands rebuilt

When you guys start playing pick-up I will get the communal goalie gear in the storage bins. Just let me know.

Mens league play starts July 11 and runs through Aug 11 with Final Four and Championship on Aug 13 Sunday.
Games will be Tues, Thurs, Fri nights 6:45 and 7:45. At least 1 game per week with no more than 2 games per week.

I expect all 8 teams to return this year but if you are interested in putting in a team, let me know asap.

Team fees will not be going up this year despite improvements to the arena.

It's a team fee not a individual player fee.
You can have as many guys are you want on your roster; I don't care how many guys you collect from, I just need the one
team fee. The rest is yours to keep. Remember tho, guys have to be on your roster and play in 1 reg season game for your team to play in the playoffs.
Can't be on multiple rosters. And you can only play for one team come playoff time, so if you are on a team and you lose in the semi's, you can't jump on one of the
2 teams playing in the champ.

Other than that, there are pretty much no other rules. Just play box. In the summer. Outdoors.

Does it get any better than that?

- Cotsonas

2017-May-27: Still Playing Open Mens Box Lax
Monday nights, 9PM, SportsPlus, 10765 Reading Road, Evendale, OH. Cost is $10 per night payable at the front desk. Turnout stil great. We'll be playing until the outdoor box starts. See pics at our Facebook Group, Twitter and live SnapChats on Mondays. Home page has links at the bottom to our social pages. Check twitter, facebook or snapchat for updates. Special time on Memorial Day: 7pm!

2017-May-26: Summer Outdoor Box Info I will send out info on summer outdoor pick up box in Loveland as soon as I know when the box will be open. I was told they just re seeded it. Not sure why they did it
at this late date but will know more soon.

Outdoor box league play will begin week of July 11, end Sunday Aug 11. Tues, Thurs, Fri nights @ 6:45,7:30.

Want to put a team in? Let me know. Team fees being finalized, but likely $625-$650 again this year.
Want to be put on a team? Let me know and I will hook you up with a squad that is looking to add a stud like you.


2017-Apr-18: MCLC Schedule is Out
Join our Facebook group to see our schedule. We used to keep it here at the webside, but not anymore.

2017-Apr-17: Still Playing Open Mens Box Lax
Monday nights, 9PM, SportsPlus, 10765 Reading Road, Evendale, OH. Cost is $10 per night payable at the front desk. Turnout has been great. See pics at our Facebook Group and live SnapChats on Mondays..

2017-Mar-24: New SnapChat Account
Hi Guys, in addition to our Twitter and Facebook accounts you can now add us on SnapChat to get the latest updates. see our home page About section for all the links.

2016-Nov-5: New President
Congrats to Ryan Chait our new club president and thanks to Nick Habes our outgoing president. For more information go to our facebook site or twitter feed (see the bottom) of this home page for the URL.

2016-Oct-17: Winter Box Begins
Winter box began about a month ago. As usual we're mixing Slowbreakers and the Mens Club. Monday nights, 9PM, SportsPlus in Evendale, OH. Cost is $10 per night payable at the front desk. Turnout has been great and usually gets better until the peak at Xmas-New Years.

2016-Aug-23: Summer Club Pickup Begins
Now that the Summer Box league in Loveland is over we're starting to play pickup lax at 5pm on Sundays. This will continute for 1-2 months.

2016-Mar-02: BockFest Club Fundraiser and Beer Battle
Nick, Tom, Woodys Wife and others will be serving beer at the
Zinzinnati BockFest and raising money for the club. Stop down and have a beer at our booth!

2016-Jan-20: Winter Ball
We are playing box on Saturdays at SportsPlus in Sharonville. Contact me to get on the list.

2015-Aug-3: X v Mens
Xavier Club v. Cinci Mens Game Update - we are CONFIRMED for Saturday October 3rd (10/03/15).
  • Xavier is reserving the field at Clark Montessori in Hyde Park
  • Starting at 1:00 PM. Game will start at 1:30 PM. Please block your calendars!
  • Let's get our numbers up, talk to some buddies to come out.


2015-Aug-2: Pickup Box Lax
Both the Slowbreakers and the Cinci Mens (formerly the 'Bowties') are playing pickup at 6:30PM tonight and for the next three or four Weds (until it gets too dark). Play begins at Home of the Brave Park in Loveland tonight at 6:30pm.

2015-Jul-5: Tomorrow begins summer box lax
Both the Slowbreakers and the Bowties have teams going. Play begins at Home of the Brave Park in Loveland tomorrow at 6pm.

2015-Mar-22: Slowbreakers in Ohio Machine Masters Tourney

The Slowbreakers are putting together a team for the Ohio Machine Masters Tourney. July 4th. More info at the link below.

Machine Masters
CU, Tom

2015-Feb-5: Winter Box Lacrosse

Were presently playing winter box lax at W2W in Mason, OH. We're playing every other Friday. We're on for tomorrow.

Slowbreakers News: planning on attending a tourney in Toledo next month.

Cinci Mens News: planning the schedule for the spring.
CU, Tom

2014-Nov-16: Cincinnati Lacrosse SlowBreakers Place 4th in Toledo Tourney
The Slowbreakers got off to a shaky start with a close loss to Toledo, but then went on a two game win win streak over Pitt and Detroit. The Ball Hogs and Old Dogs clubs from Columbus took the next two from the Slowbreakers.

Our next tourney is March 7th at BlackEye tourney in C'bus. Hopefully we'll get some indoor pickup going over the winter, but I haven't heard anything yet.

CU, Tom

Blackey Lax Facebook Page

2014-Sep-23: 2nd Annual Dayton Mens Lax Tourney This weekend
The Second annual Dayton Classic will be on September 28th at the West Carrolton Soccer Complex in West Carrolton, Ohio.

All proceeds from this tournament will be donated to the USO. The decision to support the USO instead of Wounded Warrior was made based on feedback from several Eagles players. They are currently or have served in the military and recommended the USO over Wounded Warrior. If you have questions about this contact me at your convenience.

The address is:

545 North Elm Street
West Carrollton, OH 45449

Face-off for the first set of games will be at 11am. We will play two 20 min halves with 5 minute half time and 15min in between games.

Toledo has checked in with their count as far as number of players goes and they are short.

I need a final count from the Ball Hawgs, the Slowbreakers, and Cleveland.

Plan on fielding full teams. We will support teams that are short on the day.

We will be using two certified refs per field. They will be accompanied by staffers at each field to track stats, scores, and communicate with the command tent.

Tournament rules will allow for 8 under 35 players per team. We will play no take out hits. Man ball is okay but do not level anybody. Just as last year ~ a full on take out hit and disrespect toward the ref will result in expulsion from the field.


Ball Hawgs
Toledo Alliance
Cleveland Alliance


Game 1 - 11am
Field 1 - Eagles vs Slowbreakers
Field 2 - Ball Hawgs vs Toledo Alliance

Game 2 - 12 noon
Field 1 - Eagles vs Ball Hawgs
Field 2 - Slowbreakers vs Cleveland Alliance

Game 3 - 1pm
Field 1 - Cleveland Alliance vs Toledo Alliance
Field 2 - Slowbreakers vs Ball Hawgs

Game 4 - 2pm
Field 1 - Eagles vs Cleveland Alliance
Field 2 - Toledo Alliance vs Slowbreakers

Game 5 - 3pm
Field 1 - Eagles vs Toledo Alliance
Field 2 - Ball Hawgs vs Cleveland Alliance

Confirm your attendance and number of players ASAP.

If you are a team leader and do not see your team's name listed above contact me immediately. I return all voicemails within 24 hours.


Patrick Mark

2014-Sep-19: Cincinnati (Young) Men's Club Schedule in for Derby City Tourny Oct 4th
The Derby City tourny in Louisville is Saturday Oct. 4th. It is at a different location. See below for field location and info for post party and hotel information. It is a pretty good time for those that stay down for the night.

We need to start getting an idea of who is coming in case we need to find some more legs. Last year we combined with Cleveland to win it all and with enough legs we could easily do so again.

Kentucky Country Day School
4100 Springdale Rd.
Louisville, KY 40241

3921 Summit Plaza Drive
Louisville, KY 40241

Hilton Garden Inn
9850 Park Plaza Ave.
Louisville, KY 40241

Alex Cole, Alex Young, and Phil Hardy
Cincinnati Lacrosse Club

2014-Sep-18: Cincinnati Lax Social Feeds
Please join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter (below)

Slowbreaker Feeds
See our SlowBreakers-RhineGeist Twitter:
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2014-Jun-22: Mens Sunday Night Pickup Lax Update
We had a decent showing at Sycamore tonight, but we need more guys and goalies!! We had the full artificial turf which was nice. Perfect for 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6 and then Silver Spring House for beers. First round is on me.


2014-Jun-17: Men's Pickup Lax at Sycamore High School
Put it on your calendar! Pick up lax Sundays from 6-8 pm at Sycamore High School. Tell a buddy, bring a friend!

2014-Jun-15: Men's League Loveland's Outdoor Box

Loveland's outdoor box is going back up on Thursday. It's all hands on deck to get it back up and a few of you had told me to let you all know when in case you could come help. Once it's up,
we'll get open pick up going on Wed nights 7pm.

Men's league will start mid July and if you are interested in putting a team in let me know ASAP. Also, any of you guys interested in getting certified as a box coach or box ref, let me know. USBOXLA is coming to town July 12 to do a free certification clinic and I could use the extra coaches for the youth league goes Sunday nights starting July 13. thx

9085 Union Cemetery Rd . 6 pm


2014-Jun-11: Xcelerate Nike Camp Needs Coach
Hey guys a friend of mine is coming into town for the Nike Camp 6/29-7/2. I don't know much in terms of details but feel free to get a hold of Steve if you are interested.

Xcelerate Nike Lacrosse is in need of experienced boys' lacrosse DPole coach as well as current collegiate players to work at our Cincinnati summer lacrosse camp, June 29- July 2. Please e-mail if interested. Salary: TBD

Contact for information: Steve Anderson, President. but remove the DING/DONG from email address.

2014-Jun-11: Loveland Summer Box Lacrosse Event Part 2
Starting this Sunday we will have pick up lax at the Sycamore High School. Every Sunday 6pm till 8 pm.

Spread the word.

2014-Jun-10: Loveland Summer Box Lacrosse Event
sorry for the confusion,

Need hands on Thursday night 6pm to reconstruct the box as it's being awaken from it's long winter's nap to get ready for another fun summer of legal slashes, uncalled for pushes from behind and the always popular blind side cross checks.

After that, the box will be open for men's pick up games on Wed nights. The official men's league will start mid july. Got to be on a team for that and most of you guys who are planning on playing in the leagu already are. If not and want to play, call me and I'll connect you with the right guys who are running a team.



2014-Jun-09: Is Back
After many beers, the guys at the Hayfield Classic thought it was time to resurrect this site. They nominated me to keep it up to date. Its not that tough, but I expect somebody to buy me a beer.

L8r, Tom

PS. three years since my last post...LOL.

2011-Apr-18: Syracuse Lacrosse Camp Coming to Cincinnati

Hope all is well. Syracuse coaches and players are coming down this summer to do a camp at Moeller H.S. that will most likely turn into a yearly event. Below is info. Please forward it out to your teams.



Cincinnati Elite Lacrosse is proud to announce that the Syracuse Lacrosse program and their 11 National Championships will be coming to Cincinnati this summer to put on the "Orange Crush Lacrosse Camp."
Head Coach John Desko and staff are excited to bring their experience and knowledge to Cincinnati. THIS CAMP IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Camp Details:

June 8-11
Moeller H.S.
6th-12th Grades

$195 for Goalies

Register and more details at
Syracuse University Lacrosse Camps.
Pat Kennedy

2011-Apr-14: Cinci Men's First Game this Weekend

We have a game on Sunday the 17th of April. The game starts at 2 pm but lets get there at 1:30 pm so were ready to play at 2. The game is vs Indy Empire, they have a pretty good squad but we beat them up in Louisville last year and if we get a good turnout we can do the same on sunday. The game is on field turf at this address,

418 East 34th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205

We will be car pooling up to indy, I know I am going sunday morning, but there will be people going saturday as well. More details will be coming later in the week on this.

I encourage everyone to join the facebook group. Cincinnati Bowties Lacrosse

Alex Cole
Go Ties

2011-Mar-28: Cinci Men's First Scrimmage 4/9 at UC

Some upcoming events for the mens club.

Happy Hour - Hofbrahaus Monday April 4th at 9 pm. Information Session/beers

First Scrimmage vs the UC Mens club - Sunday April 10th at Noon at UC

If you want more info join our facebook group - Cincinnati Bowties Lacrosse

Alex Cole

2011-Mar-11: Cinci Men's Schedule Released

I have attached and included below the final version of the
schedule. A few things about the schedule:

-We have two very important away game weekends, 5/14-15 and 6/5. Both are Cleveland trips. The first are all games vs. Chicago teams and the second one is our required Cleveland game and another vs Motor City. These 2 weekends account for over half of our games and could provide us a lot of points for the league scoring system. Do what you can to make them.

-As far as the scoring for the league is concerned the "Ohio Division" games are the most important. So if we beat all the teams in our Divison we automatically get a BID to the tournament.

-Again let me know if there are any major conflicts with any of the weekends, its not too late to change games but its getting there.

Any new recruits intown? Get them out to the games, we had a few guys "retire" and a few others move away. We could use a few more guys on the roster.

The team will be hosting a happy hour in the upcoming weeks so watch for that message.


2011-Jan-26: Cinci Mens Putting Together Vail Team
Guys: I now have the official invites in for the VAIL 2011 Tournament. They have lowered the MASTERS division minimum age down to age 30. You must turn 30 by the end of 2011. Game dates for the Masters are June 25, 26, 27. SuperMasters (Ages 40+), June 25-28.

I am interested in fielding a MASTERS division team for sure this year. Anyone interested please respond ASAP. I have a sponsor in the local village, and I plan to cover the tournament fee myself if I get a decent response. I have to respond initially by FEB 15 so please give this some thought and let me know if you would like to play in Vail this summer. Send me name, age, position and college you are alumni of. Whether I get a team or not I am for sure going since I will be playing again for Air Force in the SuperMasters. Anyone age 40+ on the club who wants to play in Vail can play for both my AF team and the Masters team since over 30 guys are allowed to play in the Masters. Only problem there would be the possibility of overlapping game times since both divisions play at the same time. I have attached some initial info sent to me by the Vail committee.

I might also try to field an ELITE division, (all ages), team this summer as any of you guys interested in playing in the Vail ELITE division, also let me know. The ELITES play June 30th - July 4th. MJ

Mike Jakobi, CFP (remove the 'ding' and 'dong' from the email to get the real email address)

2011-Jan-25: Womens Club Beer Pong Fund Raiser

The women's post collegiate Lacrosse Team is having a fundraiser this weekend. Its a beer pong tournament. They are looking for anyone that wants to show up. The details are below. They have a FaceBook page for the "The Cincinnati Royal Cup". I'll post it to my FaceBook page.

Time Saturday, January 29 at 7:00pm - January 30 at 2:00am


Location Cincinnati Queens Lacrosse Complex
1241 Corbett Avenue
Cincinnati, OH

More Info Beer Pong Tournament!
$5 / team, BYOB
Winner gets a BOSSY PRIZE.
Write your team name along with participants on the wall to register.
This is an athletic jersey party, so wear your favorite team's jersey!
All proceeds benefit the Cincinnati Queens Women's Lacrosse team.

2010-Dec-15: Fund Raiser for Severely Injured Lax Players
remove the DING@DONG to get the real email address and remove the -111- to get the real phone number

From Mike Kinney:


I talked to A.J. last night and they are adding a 40+ division for this great event....could be a lot of fun (and bragging rights) for the Old Dog Lacrosse players out there!!!!

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 3:51 PM, jb jones wrote:

--- On Tue, 12/14/10, AJ Auld wrote:

From: AJ Auld
Subject: Fundraiser for 2 Severely Injured Lacrosse Players ~ Dec 29 4-6pm Field Sports, Dublin
Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010, 3:34 PM

I would very much appreciate if you could spread the word about the fundraiser for these two young Dublin Jerome lacrosse players. I have attached a document which details the fundraiser. The more PR we can get surrounding this story, the more donations we can direct towards these families in need.

Mark Burkholder is a sophomore for Dublin Jerome High School. As you will read, he suffered a major head injury late in the summer. He is battling through this very near-death experience and is now faced with relearning everything (walking, talking, eating, etc.).

Ian Burkhart is a 2009 grad who played goalie at Dublin Jerome. Ian suffered a spinal injury on June 13 that has left him paralyzed. He currently only has basic arm movement (no movement of his wrists or hands) and no movement from his chest down. His first year non-covered medical expenses will approach $500,000.

Both boys represented themselves and the game of lacrosse with the highest esteem.

"Shots for Mark & Ian" will be held at Field Sports in Dublin on Wednesday, December 29th from 4-6pm.

Many thanks to Field Sports for squeezing us in to provide complimentary field space during this busy time over winter break. Warrior and Brine lacrosse have donated a bunch of great items as prizes for the fastest shots in each division.

It would be great to have all lacrosse supporters, particularly current and former Central Ohio players, come out to support the cause.

Please pass this message to those in the lacrosse community as this is a great opportunity for us to come together to support two players in need.

Thank you,

AJ Auld
Dublin Jerome Lacrosse

2010-Nov-16: John Christmas: free lacrosse clinic at Moeller HS

Hope all is well. If anyone is interested there is a FREE LACROSSE
CLINIC at Moeller H.S. this Saturday from 3PM - 4:30PM. Johnny
Christmas is flying in and will be running the clinic. Read up on him
Cincinnati Elite Lacrosse.

Please stop by if you can and let your lacrosse communities know about
this. We are also having a "Meet and Greet" with Johnny Christmas after
at Hahana Beach in Mariemont from 6PM - 8PM.

This will be the first and last email to the "Men's Club" email list
that I send out.



2010-Sep-20: SlowBreakers Beat L'Ville on Last Second Shot
We showed up a little thin, 13 or so but still pulled out the win. We held the lead most of the game but they were able to tie it up at the end of the fourth. I bet Dan set that up so he could put in the winning goal in with seconds to spare. I think the final was 11-10 good guys. Start running now for the Oct 30th tournament. We need to own this tournament this year and we are looking at making it bigger, better, with more games. Lets see everyone hit the pavement a couple times a week from here on out


Good morning SB's! Little stiff today? I watched Tom McDonald unfold himself and cramp up before he could get into his car after our drive back from the 'ville. Good Times! Anyway, as Andy pointed out we came home with a W! Defense was solid and goal keeping was 'el fuego! Kurt came up with a couple of Tillman Johnson like saves at the end of the game coupled with some smothering defense to set up Fisher's game winner with about 15-20 seconds left. Though we were short, everyone's effort to keep SB's in the game was 100%. I will try to set up a warm up possibly the weekend of 10/23 to get us set up the 30th. Clear you calendars for the 30th and lets get a team on the field that can win our own Tourny. We definitely have 6 teams and we may end up with 8. More to follow....


2010-Aug-01: Columbus Old Dogs Bite Cinci SlowBreakers
Hey SlowBreakers:

Just a quick recap of last weekends Columbus trip. First, thanks to the guys who made the trip, a little thin but not too bad for Summer vaca. season etc...We ended up coming up a little short against the Old Dogs, final score 10-7. We played well through the first half tied at 4-4. Defense and Goalkeeping was solid and thanks to Dan Fisher we kept it close (4 or 5 g?). It was HOT and I think we ran out of gas at the end. Though we discussed playing a second shorter game, the Old Dogs had "refreshments" and their mind and called it a day. In post game analysis/beers/cookout provided by the Old Dogs they had a great time and look forward to playing us again and offered to come travel to Cinci for a rematch. I am shooting for September. Also, we are ramping up for the Second Annual Halloween Classic and are looking for a suitable location for October.

That's all for now.


PS. Thanks to the Dayton guys who traveled up to Columbus to help out

2010-Jul-25: Trenton, OH HS Looking for a Head Lacrosse Coach

Hello my name is Ken i am with Cougar Lacrosse up in
Trenton, Ohio we are in need of a Head Coach. We are a High School Boys Club Team if you can maybe help us out by posting or by word of mouth it will be appreciated.

Ken Pottorf (Cougar Lax) (remove the 'ding' and 'dong' to get the real email address)

2010-Jun-08: Cincinnati Bests Pittsburgh
We played Pittsburgh on Sunday. We traveled with 12 guys, though this time our low numbers didn't matter. We won 15-10. Nice game to all those that made it.

Next games will be the tournament, June 26-27, in Detroit. I'm pretty confident we will qualify based on the new point system but the official word should be in from the league by the end of the week. The tourney is double elimination, with anywhere from 8-10 teams. Games will start early Saturday (9-10amish) and the championships are on Sunday and there is a tournament party on Saturday night.

Assuming we qualify we need to do a little planning. First I need to know who can go? Then we can figure out hotels and other travel plans like renting vans (if there is interest). We will probably need to travel up on Friday evening due to early game unless people want to leave at really early Saturday (6/26).

I don't want to waste my time planning if we don't have enough guys to make a decent showing or run at the tourney. After we get a good sense of who's in and out we can go from there. Based on the talent we have if we roll with a good team we could win it, because this is a travel/away game for everyone. SO EMAIL ME IF YOU CAN MAKE IT.


2010-May-24: Cincinnati 1-1 This Weekend
We ended up 1-1. We handled Louisville in the second game, the first game didn't go as well. We lost to Cleveland 12-16. Overall the game went well we traded goals most of the game but couldn't pull away. We just had a major break down in the 3rd quarter, they scored 4 unanswered goals. We could have used a few more bodies, they traveled and had double the subs we had. Thanks to everyone who made it.

We are off this coming weekend for the Holiday. Next games will be 6/6 in Pittsburgh. We need to travel with a good squad. Pittsburgh has really improved over the last few years. If we take enough guys we have the option to play 2 games, but I'm not going to arrange for 2 games if we only roll with less 16-17 .

Start planning now if you're going. I know a few guys are planning to travel up Saturday and explore the night life. Reply to all if you are interested in going up early and then coordinate with each other. I am going to need to leave the morning of, which will be early, 7 am ish. Let me know if you are going.

I'll send out more details next week.


2010-May-18: Cincinnati Mens Beats Columbus in OT
We had a good win vs. Columbus. We went into overtime, but won 12-11. This is the first time we beat them in about 5 years. I guess the planets were in the correct alignment or maybe it was all the young guys showing and contributing. Great turnout we actually had more subs than Columbus. Good to see the extra recruiting effort. Thanks to everyone that made it.

Next Sunday 5/23 we are playing Cleveland, which is an important league game, and Louisville which is just an extra game. The schedule is as follows:
Game #1- 12:00 Cincy vs. Cleveland
Game #2 - 1:30 Cleveland vs. Louisville
Game #3 - 3:00 Cincy vs. Louisville.
The times for game #2 and #3 are estimates, we will just be playing one game after the other with short breaks in between. These games will be at Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy.

Email or call me with questions. See you Sunday.