2008-May-24: Mt. Adams To Change MCLC Membership

2008-Jul-30: Update. There has been no word from the MCLC leadership as to a couple of proposals that Mt. Adams made. The proposals were designed to ease the travel burden on Mt. Adams players and create an open door between us and Cincinnati Mens. Even without word from the MCLC, Mt. Adams players next spring will be assured of the following:
  1. Most of Mt. Adams games will be in the Cincinnati metro area and the farthest a Mt. Adams player has to go to an away game would be (roughly) one hour.
  2. There will be an open door between Mt. Adams Mens Club and Cincinnati Mens such that players may play on either team without having to choose one over the other.
In order to accomplish the above Mt. Adams might have to reliniquish its MCLC membership and become a local club. The changes we proposed to the MCLC East Chairman (Fish) would enable Mt. Adams to meet the above goals without having to leave the league.

The open-door changes will also benefit Cincinnati Mens club in making Mt. Adams players available for their games -- especially the long-distance games like Pitt, Det. and Cleveland when its hard to get players to make the drive. As I mentioned above, the open door policy is assured of happening in that the MCLC allows players to play for local clubs without it affecting their MCLC playing status. If the proposed changes are allowed then the same will be true.

Why don't I just post the proposed changes and that way you can see what I'm talking about. I call it
The Two-Game Proposal and, if accepted by the MCLC, it would result in Mt. Adams happily merging with Cinci Mens. If not accepted it would most likely mean we leave the MCLC to become a local club playing games within about a one-hour radius of The Nati.

2008-May-24: The Mt. Adams team captains met three weeks ago to discuss the status of our membership in the MCLC. All options were on the table and one was selected: our MCLC membership WILL change, but we don't know the details of the change yet (more on that below).

At the meeting, all the captains agreed that the status quo isn't working for Mt. Adams and we think it probably doesn't work for the MCLC either. In fact, we know it isn't working for the MCLC, but more about that in a minute. First, how will our membership change? That is the question we're in the process of answering.

The captains felt the key issue we need to resolve is long travel times to away games. We feel there are two options that will address the travel issue:

Option 1: we leave the MCLC and become a local club: playing nearby college and club teams of which there are many--enough to fill two game schedules.

Option 2: morph our MCLC membership such that our players won't have to travel great distances if they don't want to. That is a major challenge, but not an impossible one.

We're having friendly conversations with the MCLC leadership and they agree that some changes might help. We're exploring options, but MCLC changes require the agreement of a majority of MCLC teams and that is a slow process.

For now everything is the same. Fall-ball will likely be the same as the MCLC is just a Spring league. Next Spring, however, there will be changes that will make both Mt. Adams and the MCLC happy. We'll inform you of the changes, hopefully, sometime shortly after the end of the MCLC tourney (mid-June).