2007-Oct-25: Fall Game Update: UC RSVP--Also Xavier, Miami, St. Joes
Apologies for not having had games yet this fall. We didn't have enough guys in to do the Louisville tournament this year, & I've been getting a run-around from XU & Miami.

Things are coming along now though. This Saturday 10/27, UC is looking for a game. 2:30pm @
Clark Montessori, along with some guys from Cincinnati Club.

XU wants to host us on November 10th. Time not yet set, but we should know by the end of the week.

Still working on Miami or someone else for the weekend of the 3rd/4th. If anyone has other club team contacts that they want to pursue for that, please do.

Also, on November 4th, River's Edge Indoor Sports, a new indoor soccer AND lacrosse facility on Rt. 128 (westside) is hosting a FREE open box game. Then there will be a men's box series starting November 11th. It's on Sunday evenings, the cheapest indoor in town, & the nicest field for box lacrosse anywhere around. I'd like to get everybody to come out for that so we can start pulling together before spring.

I'll follow this up with info on River's Edge & the other indoor opportunities in town. For now, please let me know a preliminary in/out for the 10th @ XU & beat the bushes for a field game on the 3rd.

Sean Murphy
Mt. Adams Lacrosse Club seanDING@DONGcelticlacrosse.com (remove the spam detering Ding and Dong from the email address when sending to Sean)