2006-May-18: Cincinnati Hotels Hosting MCLC Tourney Teams

Here is a prelimary info sheet for hotels (see below). I don't have any special offers from the hotels, but if you call and coordinate for you teams, you should be able to work something out. I created links for hotels near the fields(North East of the City) and closer to the nightlife (closer to downtown) - we all know people choose different options depending on what their age and intentions.

I'm firming up the tourney party option(s) so I will get that info as soon as it's available.

So everyone knows, the fields are natural grass (stuff we played on as kids), but it's a park with irrigation, etc. so it's in nice condition.

Looking forward to seeing you all here.Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dan Fisher
Cincinnati LC

P.S.In consideration of teams traveling, I will try to accommodate the furthest teams when doing brackets.

Bill - I'm not sure if this making it to all the team contacts - can you confirm?

MCLC Tourney Fields, Hotels and Recreation
Here is a link to the fields: Francis RecreAcres

There are plenty of hotels near the fields, but the social scene tends to be more suburnanite (lame). The areas to go out in are the bar hot spots.

Mt Lookout - crews just out of college where patrons drink like they are but have jobs now.

Mt Adams - good age range and good bars.

Hyde Park - This is right next to Mt. Lookout. Good age range and great restaurants. Not as many bars as Mt Adams or Lookout. These tend to be people who've graduated from Mt. Lookout. You'll find lots of divorces in 'Tellers' if that is your thing.

Main Street downtown - cheesy and a bit shady - wouldn't recommend drifting off for a late night walk.

Here are hotels near the better night life. More expensive and less of them, but closer to night life.