2005-July-31: Murph Helps Ireland Win Celtic Cup& &


Thanks to Tom for his recent update email. In my absence since the
meeting, I've been in Ireland & Wales helping win the inaugural Celtic
Cup Lacrosse Tournament (Ireland, Scotland, & Wales).

Historical note: The last time a lacrosse team in/from Ireland won a
game in the British Isles was in 1932, against... Cornell. Thanks
again, Tom. :-)

Below is a summary of the tourney, copied from an email sent by my dad.
Look forward to seeing you all when I get back!

It was A great day for the Irish as Ireland defeats Scotland 6 to 5 in
a real nail biter to win the Celtic Cup. It was a tough game and the Irish
had to over come 2 injuries and some rather questionable officiating to
win the Celtic Cup in Cardiff, Wales. There were 7 changes of position
in the last 2 minutes 1) on an Irish stick check and 2) a second on a
delay of game after an Irish time out but, the defensive held up. I
think Ireland needs to get an official Internationally certified. The
lads and the coaches were ecstatic. Irish coach Richey Moran who has
won 3 division one NCAA titles at Cornel and a World Cup coaching the
US team said that this was one of the toughest victories he could
remember. He said "if you only score 12 goals in two games and you walk
away with 2 victories you must be playing some good defense".

In other games held yesterday and today Scotland defeated Wales 17 to 4
to take second place and Ireland's developmental team lost to the Wales
development squad 8 to 4.

The Celtic Cup is not one of the most important lacrosse events in the
world but, this victory was very important for the Ireland Lacrosse
Federation in giving them some significant leverage in their on going
negations with the official sports governing body in Ireland.