2005-July-18: Chairmens Meeting Minutes& &

The Mt. Adams Lax Club chairmen met for the first time in five years! A clear indication that the club is starting to get more organized! The meeting included the chairs of:

Attendance: Tom McDonald
Recruiting: Sean Murphy
Finance: Kevin Laska
Scheduling & Refs: Ellerbrock

Missing, but not forgotten chairmen were.

Entertainment: Dude and Andy Hayes
Attendance: Gregg Eifert

Many items were discussed and resolved, but the most important was the election of our new President! But first, our current President, Bill Mathis, was voted President Emeritus for Life. The team hadn't had a election in five years and since Bill has moved into semi-retirement Chairman McDonald nominated Sean Murphy for the spot and he was unanimously voted our new President. Congratulation El Guapo Muph!

The other items covered at the meeting were:
--Team Clubhouse & Charity
--Team Uniforms & Promotions
--Team Insurance & Finances
--Team Practices & Scheduling & Fall L'Ville Tourney (Oct. 15 & 16)


In order to encourage team get togethers the chairmen resolved to find a team clubhouse! Many ideas were discussed including getting sponsored by the Cincinnati Men's Club, but the most promising option was suggested by Murph regarding a clubhouse near Colerain that he might be able to get for the team. The clubhouse is being sought by another Irish club that Murph is familiar with and he thinks we may be able to share the clubhouse in return for our team members helping with upkeep. The building has a bar and a large party room and would be close to our new turf field in Colerain. Murph said he would follow-up.

Relatedly, the chairmen decided that we need a new chair to take care of community outreach issues, like taking care of municipal properties that we use for clubhouses, as well as charities that our players could help. Gregg Eifert was nominated and elected (in absentia) for the new chair. Congrats to Gregg (assuming he wants it)!


Chairmen Dude has completed the uniform deal with our new sponsor Budweiser. The new uniforms are will be screened with our logo shortly. The chairmen felt this will be a great recruiting tool in that we can give uniforms to our players and not have to take them back after every game.

The Chairmen felt a Mt. Adams bumper stickers would be another good recruiting item. Entertainment co-Chairman Andy Hayes was appointed to design the bumper sticker (in absentia).


Finance Chairman Laska reported that the team is in good financial shape. He is looking into setting the team up with insurance through US Lacrosse. Additionally, he is setting up a Paypal account to so our members can more easily pay their dues.


Scheduling Chairman Ellerbrock got us into the Fall L'Ville Tourney (Oct. 15 & 16)

The two day tourney will have 2 divisions of 4 teams, each team will play the other teams in their division and the best 2 win/loss teams from each division make playoffs on Sunday.

St. Louis
North Side - Chicago
Windy City - Chicago
Mt. Adams - Cincinnati

Chairman Ellerbrock also plans to set up our first official team practice in about five years. He plans to leave a few weekends open before our season commences next season so that we can practice as a team.

Mike was also going to talk to Chairman Dude to see if we could set up an old-timers game/practice/awards party in mid-September before the L'ville Tourney. The party afterward would be at our new post-game party sponsor (I've forgotten the name of the bar, but the Dude set this sponsorship for us. Thanks again Dude, you're on a roll!).

That's all for now, and if you can help out please let one of the Chairmen know!