Update from Tom:

Unfortunately, Mt. Adam's had a tough weekend and lost Friday night 13-8 against Cincinnati Men's Lacrosse and 18-3 on Saturday afternoon against Columbus Men's Lacrosse.


Friday night's game was under the lights at Mariemont HS and the first quarter was sloppy lacrosse for Mt. Adams. 

Their poor play was somewhat expected because Mt. Adams hadn't played a game for approximately one month.  There were a lot of dropped passes and whole team seemed out of synch.

Cincinnati Men's took advantage of Mt. Adam's rustiness by pressuring bad passes and riding the clear hard.  Cinci's pressure paid off as they jumped out to a 5-0 lead after the first quarter.

Mt. Adams had a lot of talented players on the field and things started to gel for them in the second and third quarters as they outscored Cinci 3-2 in the second and matched Cinci 3-3 in the third. 

The score was 10-6 at the start of the fourth and  Mt. Adams cut the lead to three, 8 - 11, at the 4 minute mark. 

It seemed Mt. Adam's might be able to climb back from the 5 goals they spotted Cinci in the first, but they lost momentum when Cinci scored a fast-break goal on the next face-off to take a 12-8 lead.  Cincinnati added an insurance goal at the end for a 13-8 final.

On a side note, the two former Mt. Adam's players who now play for Cincinnati Men's did not score.  Mt. Adam's didn't do anything special to stop these players and, frankly, it was somewhat odd to watch these former standouts be non-factors.


The game started with a 1-0 Mt. Adam's lead, but that was the last time Mt. Adam's would hold the lead.

Mt. Adam's fought hard in the first quarter and kept it close.  Columbus was ahead 4-1 at the start of the second, but Mt. Adams couldn't seem to stop them as Columbus scored 6 goals in the second.

Columbus added 5 more in the third for a 15-2 lead, but Mt. Adam's was playing better--possessing the ball longer and clearing the ball better.

This was likely Mt. Adam's last game of the year as it appears they won't make the playoffs. 

Overall it was a good season for Mt. Adams.
Especially considering that the season began with talk of folding the club because of lost players. 

Fortunately, Mt. Adams kept their core players and were able to build their roster with some young talent.   The team played some excellent lacrosse this year--falling just one win short of the playoffs.

Mt. Adam's has great potential and will be a force to recon with this Fall and again next spring.  Great season guys!


Directions from Sean:
Here are the directions to the game at Columbus on Saturday at 1pm.  
Their man says game time is 1pm, so we should meet at the Fields Ertel exit Park & Ride by 10:30 for carpooling.

If you're running late to the Park & Ride tomorrow, please call someone who's going to let the guys waiting know that you're still coming.

The easiest way to get to the field is to take 71N to 315 N to Rte 161 East (Dublin Granville Road). 
Follow Dublin Granville Road to Rte 23 (High Street) - the center of Worthington - and turn left. 
Follow High Street North to Larrimer Street and turn left. 
Follow Larrimer through neighborhood and it dead ends at the Middle School.


It's been quiet for a while. Here's the latest from Murph:

Our game against Cincinnati is set for next Friday, May 30th, at 8:30pm at Mariemont High School.  Mariemont is a turf field- the nice turf like Wall2Wall Soccer has, and you can play in absolutely any shoes from running shoes to screw-ins.  Game is also (obviously) under the lights which should add an interesting new wrinkle to our spring season. 

Directions are below (May 10).


Update - 3:45pm
We have heard from Cincinnati that the game has been cancelled, due to weather.
No rescheduling information yet.

Update - 2:00pm
Game today vs. Cincinnati at 4pm at Mariemont High School.

Directions from Sean:
Mariemont High School is on Pocahontas Drive in Mariemont, right on (from how things look on the map) Route 50.

Getting to Route 50:
Either (A) as Columbia Parkway via downtown or (B) take I-71 south to Red Bank Road, past Cincinnati Sports Mall. The entrance to 50 EAST is on the left (for Hyde Park/Oakley dwellers, this is south of both Madison and Erie).

From Route 50:
Take Route 50 through the Mariemont Town Center (the road is called Wooster Pike through here). After the road reconnects, turn left onto Pocahontas; the school SHOULD be visible when you make this turn. If you pass a Gold Star Chili on your left, you've gone too far.


Our game against Cincinnati this Saturday, May 10, seems to be a go. Time is 4pm. Location is still being determined. I'll post updated info when available.

There are new pictures in the Photos section, thanks to Mark and family.

Hockey update:
Devils won series over Lightning, 4-1.
Senators won series over Flyers, 4-2.
Mighty Ducks won series over Stars, 4-2.

Devils play Saturday at 3:00pm. Crap.


Update from Tom:

Mt. Adam's played some truly excellent lacrosse this weekend and won two 'home' games against Uptown (Minneapolis) and Windy City (Chicago) on the Butler University Lacrosse field in Indianapolis.

The first game against Uptown had an unusual start, in that Uptown didn't have a goalie. Mt. Adam's loaned them one of theirs (McDerrmott) and later wished they hadn't as Uptown hopped out to a 3-2 lead at the end of the first. 

The score was tied at the half, 3-3, but the third quarter belonged to Mt. Adams, as they scored 4 unanswered goals for a 7-3 lead.

Uptown came back and made it interesting, but eventually lost 8-7.

The second game was against Windy City (Chicago). Mt. Adam's typically has trouble against Chicago teams and to make matters worse, two Mt. Adam's players had to leave after the first game leaving just 10 players--If anyone got hurt then Mt. Adam's would have had to play man-down for the remainder of the game.

Fortunately, no one did get hurt, and Mt. Adam's put on a lacrosse clinic for Windy City. 

Mt. Adam's went up quickly 1-0 in the first minute, but Windy City came back to tie it 1-1 at the end of the first.

The second quarter was all Mt. Adam's and at the half the lead was 5-2. The second half belonged to Mt. Adam's, as every offensive player got a goal. It was 7-2 at the end of the third and the final score was Mt. Adams 10 Windy City 3.

Mt. Adams played great lacrosse on defense, attack, goal, but especially at middy. The 3 middies were on the field 60 minutes with no subs! 

Windy City had a deep bench, with approximately 10 backups, and their team had many solid players, but Mt. Adam's simply took them apart in every phase of the game. 

Mt. Adam's won nearly every face off, took almost every loose ball, cleared almost every clear, and had zero penalties. Truly a lacrosse clinic!

Mt. Adam's next game is against the putrid cross-town rival Cincinnati Men's Lacrosse! It may be May 10 or 17--stay tuned.

Comment from Russ:

I'm going to be sore all week.

Did he say 'putrid'??

Hockey update:
Devils won series over Lightning, 4-1.
Senators lead series 3-2 over Flyers.
Mighty Ducks lead series 3-2 over Stars.


Indi confirmed schedule as indicated below:

10 AM Circle City v Uptown
12 PM Mt. Adams v Uptown
2 PM Circle City v Windy City
4 PM Mt. Adams v Windy City

We will meet at 10:00 AM at the park 'n ride at the Harrison exit off I-74.

Directions From Cincinnati: 
Take I-74 to I-465 North. Follow I-465 North into I-465 West. Exit I-465 West using Meridian. Take Meridian south towards Indianapolis. Once you get to 52nd Street turn right. Take 52nd street over a bridge and turn left at the second intersection which is Lester. Follow Lester into the Butler practice fields. Park in the gravel lots. 

Also, updated (fixed - thanks Andy) the stats page and added some pictures (thanks Mark).

Check out Circle City's web site. Our game against them was pretty close. I'd like to play them again this year...


Update from Tom:

4/26- Mt. Adam's went 1 and 1 against two teams from Detroit this weekend.

The Motor City game started out with Mt. Adam's on top 1-0 and Motor City was looking as if they stunk. Motor City was dropping balls and frequently overthrowing simple clearing passes. 

However,  Motor City was able to play solid defense until their sticks warmed up late in the first.  Motor City took the lead 2-1 late in the first quarter and shut down Mt. Adam's offense until 19:59 in the 3rd quarter.  At that point, however, the game was already lost with Motor City on top 12-2. 

Mt. Adam's looked good in the 4th quarter and put up 3 goals, but Motor City also put up 3 and ended up winning 15-5. 

It was a frustrating game for Mt. Adam's as nothing seemed to be going right.  The Motor City defense was very tough and their
offense (after the first quarter) moved the ball well. 

Motor City wasn't much of a dodging team on offense as most of their goals came on fast breaks or quick sticks on or near the crease. 

Mt. Adam's beat Great Lakes soundly 15-8.  Despite the lopsided score Great Lakes made it a game for a while.
At the half Mt. Adam's was up 11-3, but Great Lakes scored 5 unanswered (sort of) goals in the beginning of the third quarter. 

There was controversy during Great Lakes' scoring run as Mt. Adam's scored an apparent goal that went through the net.  Mt. Adam's stopped momentarily thinking it was a score, but Great Lakes picked up the ball, raced up the field and scored a fast break goal to close the lead to 11-8. 

That goal must have woke-up Mt. Adam's as they went on to score 4 unanswered goals and win the game.   

The soft opposition from Great Lakes allowed Mt. Adam's  to work perfecting aspects of the offense and defense.  The offense successfully worked on moving the ball more on offense and  the defense improved their mastery of the 'wheel' rotating zone.

Hockey update:
Devils lead series 2-1 over Lightning.
Flyers series with Senators is tied 1-1.
Mighty Ducks lead series 2-0 over Stars.


Just a reminder. Both games this weekend are on!

Hockey update:
Devils lead series 1-0 over Lightning.
Senators lead series 1-0 over Flyers (Flyers won last series over Maple Leafs, 4-3).
Mighty Ducks lead series 1-0 over Stars (5 overtimes! - I made it through 4 of them).


Update from Mike:

The following games/times are confirmed with our opposing teams.  Both games will be at Clark Montessori.

4/26 - Motor City @ 2pm
4/27 - Great Lakes @ 1pm

Directions can be found on the new Directions page.

Hockey update:
Devils win series 4-1 over Bruins.
Flyers lead series 3-2 over Maple Leafs.
Stars win series 4-2 over Oilers.


Update from Tom:

In a hard fought game Mt. Adams lost to Circle City (Indianapolis) 7-8. 

After the first three minutes Mt. Adams was down 0-3 and was clearly suffering from a case of the jitters. After that however, Mt. Adams outscored CC 7-5 and had an opportunity to tie it up with 30 seconds remaining. CC however, was able to check the ball away and run out the clock.

Mt. Adams has a lot of new faces this year and they seem to get better as the game progresses.  This is unlike past Mt. Adams teams who would commonly build a lead and slowly lose it as the game went on.

At the half the score was 5-3 CC.  CC opened their lead to 8-4 at the end of the third, but Mt. Adam's defense and offense stepped up big in the 4th--outscoring CC 3-0.         

On a side note, this was Mt. Adams' first game at their new field in Hyde Park (3030 Erie Ave).  Everyone seemed to like the new field, although it is a little bumpier than the old field, it has great proximity to MLT's (the best sports bar in town) and there were many walk-up fans on the sidelines.

Hockey update:
Devils lead series 3-0 over Bruins.
Maple Leafs lead series 2-1 over Flyers.
Oilers lead series 2-1 over Dallas.


Saturday's (April 12) game has been cancelled. Cincinnati could not get refs. We are looking to reschedule in May.

Sunday's (April 13) game is still on. 11:30am at Clark Montessori (our tentative home field).

Directions from Sean:
1. From I-71, exit at Smith Road/Edwards Road
2a. If coming from the north, turn left at the end of the exit ramp.
2b. If coming from the south, turn right at the end of the exit ramp.
3. Turn right onto Edwards Road (from 2a, a Speedway station will be on your right at the corner; from 2b, an office building should be on your right at the corner)
4. Head past Rookwood Commons, over the railroad tracks, to Hyde Park Square
5. When you reach Hyde Park Square, turn left onto Erie and head through the square.
6. Clark Montessori is about 1 mile on Erie, on left side

Hockey update:
Devils lead series 2-0 over Bruins.
Flyers series with Maple Leafs tied at 1-1.
Dallas is playing a late game tonight against the Oilers.


Devils: 2
Bruins: 1

Devils lead series 1-0

...and if there are any goalies reading this...

Maple Leafs: 5
Flyers: 3

...or other midfielders...

Oilers: 2
Stars: 1

Oh, and by the way, there are new pics here. Thanks to Dan "King" (don't worry - didn't post that one) and Laura.


Update from Tom:

Great games this weekend!

MALT split a double-header in Cleveland this past weekend and up'ed their season record to 2-1 (1-1 in MCLC play). 

The first game on Saturday was against Cleveland.
MALT was overpowered in this game from start to finish.  Cleveland ran a hard picking offense and MALT was having a hard time getting through the picks.  As a result Cleveland had numerous wide open player on or near the crease.  The final score was 24-2.  Ugh.

On the positive side: MALT players got together that night over beers and came up with a defensive scheme that should work against Cleveland in the future (and perhaps other teams).  It might not help us beat them, but it won't be as lopsided as Saturday's game.

On Sunday against Akron, MALT scored an 11-6 victory.  Akron got off to a great start and actually took a 2-1 lead after about 5 minutes.  MALT started to show its superiority after that though.  MALT seemed to be winning every ground ball battle and the offense was moving the ball and maintaining possession.  The defense had a great day and was very aggressive at taking the ball away. Goal play was solid as usual. At the half MALT had a 3 point cushion 6-3 and at the end of the third the score was 9-4.


For those car-pooling, meeting time for Saturday is 8 am up at the Fields Ertel park and ride.

Directions to the Akron game (from their web site):

The Akron - Canton Devils and the City of Green have finalized our home field location. Our home field is currently at Boettler Park in Green.

Directions to Boettler Park from I-77 are:

I-77 to the Massillon Road/State Route 241 exit in Green. If you are arriving from I-77 North turn left at the end of the exit ramp.  If you are arriving from I-77 South turn right at the end of the exit ramp.
Stay on Massillon Road for about 4 miles, our field is will be on your right just past the Greensburg Road Intersection.

The address of the park is 5300 Massillon Road.


Update from Howard:

I've got the time and directions for the Cleveland game in hand.  We're playing them at 2pm this Saturday.  The field is located behind Canterbury School in between Canterbury and Princeton street north of Fairmont Blvd.
The actual address is 2530 Canterbury - Cleveland Heights, OH 44118.

Directions are pretty straight forward:

N I-71
E I-480
Northfield/Warrensville Exit Towards Warrensville Heights
Right on Warrensville Center Road (North)
Right on Fairmont Circle
Right on Fairmont Blvd (West)
Right Canterbury (North)

Hotel Situation. I did a little research and there are numerous hotels within 7 to 10 miles of the field.  I choose the one below based on location, amenities, and cost (FYI - Nothing below $59 anywhere near downtown.  Most local rates are $70 and up).  Since I've gotten limited responses on who needs a room (and willing to share a room) I can't get a group rate (4 to 6 people doesn't cut it).

Radisson Hotel at Gateway (directly across from Jacobs Field)
651 Huron Road
Downtown Cleveland
(216) 377-9000

8 miles due west of field.
Can take Fairmont Blvd most of the way.
2 to 3 minute cab ride to the Flats.

Rates:  $69 through Yahoo Travel
            $79 ask for Super Saver Rate

They aren't taking a 6 pm hold for Saturday.  I'll need a couple of volunteers to reserve rooms.

Second choice would be Comfort Inn - Downtown for $75.  I've stayed here and its close to the flats.

Rental Vans Situation:  Vans are reserved through Enterprise in the I71/I275 area.  I need two volunteers to pick them up Friday after work.
Please call or email me.


Update from Howard:

The Akron game is scheduled for Sunday at noon.  They started their team last August and have about 25 guys...

If we're playing Cleveland at the typical site, Western Academy in Hudson (don't know for sure yet), we'll only be about 20 miles from the Akron field. They play on a typical grass field.   I'll have directions posted by Wednesday.  You can also go to their website at www.devilslacrosse.com.  The directions will also be posted there in a day or two.

Update from Tom:

What a game!  Final score MALT 6 UD 5.

The score went back and forth all game.  At the end of the 1st quarter MALT was winning 2-1.  It was tied 3-3
at the half and UD was up 5-4 at the end of the third quarter. 

UD had the ball behind our goal with 20 seconds to go, down by one.  UD got a decent shot but they were
unable to convert and MALT won 6-5.

Thanks to everyone who came.  The post-game committee did a great job with burgers, brats and (of course)
beer after the game.

Double header next weekend in Cleveland.  Tell your wives and girlfriends you won't be here.


Sorry for the lack of postings. I'll try and be more up-to-date from here on in.

Tomorrow (Sunday, March 30) we play UD at Dayton at 2:00pm.

Here are directions:

75 North
Exit on Edwin C Moses (exit 43 maybe??)
Take a Right off the exit
Take a Right at the light, Stewart Street, keep going across the river
Take a Right at Brown Street, UDF on the left hand side.
Take a Left at Irving Ave. Ben and Jerry's on Left side
Take a Left at Evanston Ave, about 2 blocks off of Brown Street
The fields will be on your right..
If you get lost its real easy to find once you get on campus....

Don't forget we go to Cleveland next week!


We are currently playing indoors on Wednesday evenings at 9:00pm. Directions same as below.

In March, we will be playing Thursday evenings (3/6, 3/13, & 3/20), most probably 9:00pm or 10:00pm.

I'll try and update the site when the time is nailed down.


Winter Indoor II has begun. 10:00pm - ?? on Thursday evenings. 

Directions, etc. can be found here.

I'm going to try and update the site a bit (updated roster, etc.), so check back every once in a while.